Lunar New Year 2020 - World Square Sydney

On the 25th of January, Lunar New Year Day, DJI and D1 had to opportunity to take part in World Square's lunar new year festivities. This included the lion dance as well as having a booth to demonstrates DJIs latest and greatest products to the public. 

DJI Lunar New Year 2020 World Square Sydney Photo 1
Lunar New Year's Western equivalent is best described as Christmas/Christmas Eve where families get together to celebrate, eat and share stories. World Square followed tradition with the plucking of the greens the day before and the lion dance on the 25th. 

Lunar New year DJI Sydney

Our set-up for the day included a flight cage with the all new DJI Mavic Mini, Robomaster S1 and the Osmo Series (Action, Pocket and Mobile 3). As soon as the team set-up the flight cage, they were inundated with questions about the drones and desperately wanted to test fly. Due to the popularity of wanting to fly the drone, our team turned it into a challenge! The goal of the challenge was to take off, fly around until they were told to land. In order to win a prize, they had to land on the 55 CM landing pad (the smallest landing pad on sale). This proved difficult for some as there were factors influencing the drone to veer right/left. These factors included wind, pressure and inexperience. In the end, the majority of pilots who took part in the challenge walked away with DJI hats, drink bottles and gift bags. 

DJI Sydney Lunar New Year


A surprise hit with the crowd was the Robomaster S1, a perfect educational tool for kids to learn programming. 

Kids absolutely loved the Robomaster. The ingredients of the product makes it an absolute hit. It looks like a tank, it's controlled via your phone and it shoots Gel beads, amazing! With the Mecanum wheels, the Robomaster S1 can move in ANY direction even left/right! The motorized gimbal makes it even more fun as you can shoot laser beams in any direction. Furthermore with its advanced computer vision technology, the Robomaster can follow people around! It's like a pet!

Similar to the Tello, both products are compatible with scratch programming, making them perfect educational tools for children to learn all about programming and more! If you want to learn more about how the Tello/Robomaster can help educate your kid or school, please do not hesitate to email! 

At the end of the day, our Sydney store hosted a very successful event. We had countless entries into our giveaway as well as very some positive feedback.