Is The Mini 2 Combo Worth The Extra?

The DJI Mini 2 is the latest DJI drone with excellent performance such as 4K Video, RAW photos, up to 31 minutes flight time and now up to level 5 wind resistance. With these new changes, DJI has transformed the Mini 2 into a portable, convenience travel drone that does everything the higher end models does. The DJI Mini 2 comes in two packages, a unit and a fly more combo (now just combo). This combo gives you all the essentials you need to get yourself flying longer in the air. Let's dive into what you get in the Combo. 

In The Box 

Accessory DJI Mini 2 Unit DJI Mini 2 Combo Extra Value
DJI Mini 2 Intelligent Flight Battery x1  x3 $158
DJI Mini 2 Propellers (Set) x1 x3 $38
RC Cable Micro USB x1 x1
RC Cable Type-C x1 x1
RC Cable Lightning Connector x1 x1
Control Sticks (Pair) x1 x1
Mavic Mini Screwdriver x1 x1
DJI Mini 2 Screws x6 x18
Mavic Mini Gimbal Protector x1 x1
USB-C Communication Cable x1 x1
DJI Mini 2 Two-Way Charging Hub N/A x1 $59
DJI 18W USB Charger N/A x1 $29
DJI Mini 2 Shoulder Bag  N/A x1 $89
DJI Mini 2 Propeller Holder N/A x1 $19
Total Extra Value


Therefore, for an extra $200 ($949) you will get an additional $392 worth of extra, which results in an savings of $192. 

This makes the combo a fantastic value, but you may be wondering, will you ever use the extra accessories? let's find out! 

DJI Mini 2 Intelligent Flight Battery

With one battery, you will get up to 31 minutes of flight time, which is plenty if you plan to put the drone up for a quick photo or two. However, when you are doing a day trip or a hike, the one battery can be used up very quickly and we've found most owners with the Mini needed at least 2 batteries with a 3rd one giving peace of mind. Similar to an electric car, there can be range anxiety caused by the battery levels diminishing when in use. Whilst the Mini 2 has smart return to home, it does put pressure on to get that perfect shot or video where it can take a while to get the framing right. When doing timelapses, the longer the drone is in the air, the better the end result will be with greater movements. This is something to definitely consider and having the three batteries in the combo is perfect for the majority of drone flyers! 

DJI Mini 2 Propellers (Set)

The Mini 2 provides a quieter and more powerful flight. Having spare propellers are a necessity as you never know when you need to replace them. If you experience any cracks, bending or brittleness, it is important to change the blades. The reason is, these motors are fine tuned to provide the necessary thrust at a specific RPM, if there are any bends in the propeller, you may experience motor errors. The propellers themselves are easy to replace with just the screws and we recommend to only use the official DJI propellers. 

DJI Mini 2 Two-Way Charging Hub

This two-way charging hub is the perfect way to charge up to 3 Mini 2 batteries but also to discharge the batteries. Using the hub is very straight forward, simply push all the batteries in and plug them into the USB 18W Charger and it will charge the batteries one by one from the highest charged first. To discharge the batteries, simply plug all three batteries into the hub and turn the hub on. This will then turn the hub into a power bank, allowing you to charge your mobile device or even the controller if it is running low. 

DJI Mini 2 Shoulder Bag

At the current time of writing, this DJI Mini 2 shoulder bag is not a purchasable time. This bag is very similar to the Mavic Air 2 and is a perfect solution to carry everything in a stylish and compact bag. Unlike the first generation Mavic Mini that used a hard-shell case, this bag is more flexible and can carry more than just the Mini 2 components. Say if you have the Pocket 2 or the Osmo Action, you can easily fit them in the bag! 

DJI Mini 2 Propeller Holder 

One of the biggest issues with the first generation Mavic Mini was the propellers being bent whilst in storage. Now with this propeller holder, they lock the propellers in place to prevent any bending! This is a must have accessory with your Mini 2 and makes the combo a fantastic option!

Where To Buy?

You can purchase the DJI Mini 2 Unit By Clicking Here or you can buy the DJI Mini 2 Combo By Clicking Here. 

You can also purchase in-store from our DJI Authorised Retail Stores;

Melbourne: Brunswick, Chadstone, Melbourne Central and The Glen
Sydney: World Square and Macquarie Centre 
Brisbane: Carindale
Perth: Carousel 

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