Is the DJI RC Pro Worth It?

Released alongside the brand new DJI Mavic 3, the DJI RC Pro is the spiritual successor to the DJI Smart Controller, first released alongside the DJI Mavic 2 series in 2018. 

What's so great about the RC Pro?

Combining all the best parts of DJI technology, the DJI RC Pro is designed to provide an unparalleled piloting experience with an ergonomic design, built-in display and more premium features to streamline your workflow and upgrade your flight experience.

Ultra-Bright Display
The premier feature of the RC Pro is its gorgeous 5.5” full HD display, inspired by DJI CrystalSky technology. The built-in display is ultra-bright and viewable even in direct sunlight where smartphone screens struggle. At 1000 cd/m², the ultra-bright display ensures that you always have crystal clear visibility and full HD video transmission.

O3+ Support
With the RC Pro, you can fly the Mavic 3 up to a practically unheard of 15KM radius, all whilst transmitting full HD video! This is powered by internal improvements to the OcuSync wireless video transmission technology in addition to dramatic CPU and GPU performance improvements compared to the original Smart Controller.

Android Integration
One of the best parts of the RC Pro is its custom Android software integration that is optimised for the Mavic 3’s DJI Fly app. Android integration also allows you to effectively use the RC Pro as an Android tablet with support for web browsing, social media and third-party app installation for content sharing and editing.

Built to Last
The RC Pro was engineered with durability in mind, resulting in a heavy-duty, compact form factor that is comfortable to hold and can withstand the elements. Ideal for missions in extreme climates, the RC Pro remains fully functional and delivers stable transmission in temperatures from -20°C to 40°C - perfect for snowy mountains and arid deserts.

Is the RC Pro worth it?

If you love drone flying and want an easy way to elevate your flying experience from takeoff through to landing, the DJI RC Pro is for you! The RC Pro is also perfect for professional aerial photographers and videographers that are looking to capture that one perfect shot and for industrial applications via third-party software support. The RC Pro also supports the following perks that make flying a breeze:

Speedy Setup
With its built-in 5.5” display, the DJI RC Pro eliminates the need to connect your smartphone to fly your drone. That means so more cables, pad holders, or fiddling around setting up before flight - simply turn the RC Pro on and you’re good to go. With an efficient setup, you can get to capturing time-sensitive sunset shots with ease.

Piloting Made Social
One of our favourite DJI RC Pro features is the ability to share your content to social media straight from the controller through Android app integration. Plus, with DJI Sky Talk, you can live stream your drone feed straight to social media for all your friends to see! It’s a great way to share your footage and connect with the tight-knit DJI community.

Incredible AV
The RC Pro supports added expandability through Mini-HDMI, USB-C and microSD, providing you with a variety of options for expanded storage in addition to options for live streaming and video playback.

Support for Longer Flights
Not only does the RC Pro offer the best viewing and flight experience for the Mavic 3, but with up to 3 hours of battery life, you’ll effectively have four Mavic 3 Intelligent Flight Batteries worth of flight time with a single charge!

Precise Control
The DJI RC Pro offers more precise drone control than ever before by adopting the fine-tune control sticks of the DJI FPV controller that pilots love! With more precise control, achieving specific drone manoeuvres and capturing unique shots is easier than ever.

Does my drone work with the RC Pro?
The RC Pro is currently only supported by DJI’s latest flagship drone series, including the DJI Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Cine.

Historically speaking, DJI has continued to roll out further product support for its new and existing products, as can be seen with the DJI Smart Controller. Over time Smart Controller support was brought to practically the entire DJI lineup, including the Mini 2, Mavic Air 2 and Air 2S!

Based on this, we hope the RC Pro support to be brought to the other drones in the DJI fleet over the coming months. So if you already own a DJI drone and are looking for a controller upgrade, you shouldn’t have to wait too long!

Where can I buy the DJI RC Pro?
The DJI RC Pro is available now in-store and online at D1 Store. Order online to receive free shipping within Australia.

Shop from D1 Store and experience local support, service and the best prices. We've got convenient locations around Australia where you can see and experience the products first hand. Our product specialists will provide all the information to ensure you get the right product.

What about accessories?

  • GameSir T1d Controller
  • DJI Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo

DJI Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo |  $7199

Need a drone to go with the controller? Grab the RC Pro and an all-new Mavic 3 Cine capable of Apple ProRes 422 recording in 5.1K in one convenient package with the DJI Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo.

Includes: x1 Mavic 3 Cine aircraft, x1 DJI RC Pro, x3 Intelligent Flight Batteries, x1 Battery Charging Hub, x2 4 ND Filter sets, x1 Convertible Carrying Bag and more!

Still Need a Hand?

If you’ve still got questions and want to learn more about the DJI RC Pro or any other DJI product, we’re more than happy to help. Reach out to us at D1 Store by visiting one of our convenient locations around Australia for hands-on help from our Product Specialists or contact us at

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