Is the DJI MIni SE Combo Worth It?

The DJI Mini SE is the latest addition to the DJI Mavic Mini series family and combines the original Mavic Mini into the body of the DJI Mini 2. This has resulted in one of the best beginner drones that is cost effective and has excellent quality in both the video and photo department. The DJI Mini SE has the same wind resistance as the DJI Mini 2 and the Mini SE has the same camera as the original Mavic Mini, which has excellent 2.7K video. 

What's in the Combo? 

The DJI Mini SE is sold in either the unit or the combo where the combo provides extra accessories including 2 extra batteries, two way charging hub, extra propellers, carrying case and an extra USB-C charging cable. These accessories are then discounted when sold in the combo to give the final price of $619. Below in this tablet, we will see how much exactly you will save when buying the combo! 

What are the Savings?

Product Quantity RRP
DJI Intelligent Flight Battery x2 $79
DJI Mini 2 Propeller Set x1  $19
DJI Mini 2 Two Way Charging Hub  x1 $59
DJI Carrying Case  x1  $49
DJI USB-C Charging Cable x1 $9
Combo Extra Cost
Savings $$$

From the table above, we can see buying the combo will save $134 in the long run and will definitely be worth it as the extra cost is only $160, where the two additional batteries take up $158 of that cost, so for an extra 2 batteries, you will get the additional extras! It's a fantastic choice to go ahead with the DJI Mini SE Combo. 

What else to get with the Combo? 

If you are looking at getting the Mini SE Combo, we would strongly recommend looking at the DJI Mavic Mini SE Care Refresh crash insurance as the DJI Mini SE does not come with obstacle avoidance sensors on the front, rear, top, sides and only has them on the bottom. As this is marketed towards beginner drone flyers, having the insurance is really worth it as the insurance itself costs $45 where the excess fees for a crash is $45 and $59 and it also includes flyaway coverage, which is $229. 

This is a great option and we definitely recommend purchasing the care refresh insurance with your drone to give yourself as much confidence as possible when flying the drone. 

Another thing to look at when buying the DJI Mini SE Combo is to look at getting an SD Card for the drone. There is not internal storage built into the drone and there are features that will not be made available until an SD card is placed in the drone. Therefore, it is always recommend to purchase an SD card with your drone. 

Where to Buy?

You can buy the DJI Mini SE Unit and Combo from D1 either online or at one of our retail stores. With online orders, you will receive free shipping on orders over $99.