Introducing LifThor Mavic and Phantom Tablet Mounts!

D1 is proud to introduce the latest product to hit the shelves of our store, the LifThor Mjolnir for Mavic series and LifThor LITE for Phantom 4 and Inspire remotes. Both these products are hand made in Norway and come from the company, Thor's Drone World, which are founded by avid drone flyers and users. 

Let's dive into why these products are perfect for you and how they differ from other off the shelf mounting solutions. 

LifThor Mjolnir for Mavic 

This tablet holder is one of the most robust and premium tablet holders on the market that is purposely built for the Mavic series. The base of the holder is based from 100% aluminium, including the ball joint and has a built-in tripod fixing point. 

The LifThor supports all tablet sizes from 7.9" (iPad Mini) to 12.9" (iPad Pro), which provide s a greater range of tablet compatibility compared to the PGYTECH solution where the maximum tablet size is the 11" iPad Pro. 

The front plate slides into the phone support arms and creates a lock OR you can still mount a phone there are use a secondary application. This could be a weather radar, flight radar or even the product manual! This is perfect for multi-tasking when flying the drone and adds to the overall plot experience. 

LifThor LITE for Phantom 4 and Inspire 2 

The LifThor LITE is another high quality product designed by Thor's Drone World and is designed for the DJI Phantom 4/ Inspire series of remote controllers. They are purpose built where the tablet holder mount screws directly into the controller, creating a strong, robust and very stable solution to mount a larger style tablet to the controller. 

Much like the Mjolnir, the LITE can fit tablets from 7.9" to 12.9" and is significantly better than using the default tablet holder or the PGYTECH tablet holder solution. 

This is a perfect solution for enterprise customers who are looking to attach a tablet onto their controller to use third party applications.