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"Turn the drone you have into the drone you want".

Introducing the DJI Trade-In Program that allows you to trade in your eligible drone for credit towards the purchase of your new and desired DJI drone. Save the hassle and inconvenience of private sales and enjoy the convenience and simplicity of our trade in program. Get up to $600 credit on your trade-in depending on your drone model and condition AND even more for higher end models! 

The drone can be any condition, we will accept it and give you a trade-in valuation. If your drone is not eligible for this program, you are welcome to bring it into one of our stores to recycle. Other DJI devices may be able eligible for trade ins, such as Osmo Pocket, Osmo Action and Ronin-S. 

Example of eligible drones; Spark, Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, Mavic 2 Series, Mavic Mini, Phantom 4 Series, Inspire 2 and various older Phantom series. 

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Trade In Process In Three Simple Steps; 

1. Check your eligibility 

Simply fill in the form to check your drone is eligible and you will receive a reply by our friendly team within 1 business day with the eligibility and estimated trade-in credit. Depending on the information that is given to us, we may ask for more information, therefore it is important the information you give us from the enquiry form is accurate and reflects the condition of your drone. 

2. Prepare Device

Your data stays safe. Before you hand over your device, ensure there is no information store on the internal storage or an SD card. Please note all information will be wiped in-store so please ensure your back-up your photos/images beforehand. If possible, please also try and clean the drone with a dry wipe/lens cloth and avoid using water to clean as this could potentially leak into the drone itself. If you need guidance, please do not hesitate to contact our team. 

3. Visit Store or Ship

The final step is to visit one of our stores to complete the trade-in or ship to our address depending on what has been discussed. Our team will do the final checks to ensure all error codes and physical damage are accounted for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is D1 Trade In?

The D1 Trade-in program is a program designed for you to trade in your old/used drone for credit that will offset the purchase price of the drone you want.

How Does it work?

We've streamlined the trade in process to make it easier for you to get your new drone faster. The online form has a few simple questions about you along with the condition of the drone and the drone you wish to trade-up into. Our team will contact you within 1 business day to let you know if your drone is eligible for trade-in and what the estimated credit will be and the price to trade-up into your desired drone.

If you accept the trade-up estimate you will need to prepare your drone to be traded-in. Simply, all you need to do is back-up your files on the internal storage, remove the SD and format the internal storage. You will find this setting in the photo/video settings.

If you wish to do the trade-up in store, simply visit our store and team members in-store will verify the trade-in estimate. If there are any additional issues with the drone, the trade-in value may be adjusted. Once the drones are swapped and the excess paid, you're all done and ready to enjoy your new drone!

If you wish to do the trade-up online, simply ship the drone to our address. If there are any additional issues with the drone, the trade-in value may be adjusted. Once the drones are swapped and the excess paid, we will ship your new drone out to you ASAP!

Regardless of how you trade in, it is important to note that if the condition of the drone doesn't match your description, an adjusted trade-in value will be provided. You will have the option to accept or reject the revised quote. If you reject it, your device will be returned to you.

What are the benefits of the D1 Trade In Program?

The D1 trade in program is designed to be hassle free and allows you to trade-up your drone without the worry and stress of dealing with the marketplace; low-ballers and unreliable buyers. We provide an easy service that will help avoid the hassles and hidden fees of selling through third party marketplaces. Our team will also provide you with the full service on your traded-up drone, showing you the benefits of your new drone and will steer you to picking the right drone for you. Our team are also active drone industry participants and with a wealth of knowledge.

How long does the trade-in take?

Generally it takes 1-3 weeks to complete the entire process. Trading in-store will generally be a faster process that shipping (especially during peak shipping periods). Providing accurate information ensures a fast and efficient process.

How much will I get for my trade-in?

There are different variables that will affect the trade in price. If the condition of the drone is described accurately, you will get a good estimate of your final trade-in credit. There are different conditions for the trade in value such as the physical condition of the drone, what error codes there are, how many hours the drone has flown, the life cycle of the product and the battery charge cycles. These are all factors that play part in the final trade-in value.

How is the "Up To $600" Calculated?

This is based off a Mavic 2 Zoom Unit is Good Condition. You may be eligible for greater credit on higher tier models such as the Mavic 2 Pro, Inspire 2 and Enterprise products. 

Can I trade in a water damaged drone?

Yes, you can trade in a water damaged drone.

Does the stock need to be Australian or can it be overseas?

The region where the drone has come from may affect the trade-in value, depending on how old the drone is.

If I bought a brand new drone that is still sealed, can I trade it in?

Yes you will be able to trade in drones from sealed to used and even water damaged. Depending on the region of the sealed drone, your trade-in credit will vary but will be on the higher end of the credit valuation.

Can I cancel my trade in?

Yes you may cancel your trade in at any time, there are no strings attached.

If you shipped your drone to us and then cancel, you will need to pay postage fees back to your address.

Can I trade in multiple drones at a time?

Yes you can trade in as many devices as you like where all the credit can go towards a new drone.

How do I pack my device for trade-in?

You will receive detailed instructions from our team regarding how to prepare your device for trade-in, however with shipping anything, you want to pack it securely and tightly so the drone does not sustain any damage during transportation.

If you have the original box, you may pack-it in the box, however you are able to trade the drone without the original box.

What if I am missing accessories that come in the box?

If you are missing original accessories that came with the drone, this may affect the value of your trade in as these items will need to be replaced.

What if I have additional accessories, will I get added trade in credit?

Depending on your accessories, you may get additional credit for extra accessories whether they be first party or third party.

Can I apply any promotional discounts to the trade in credit or the final trade-up value?

Unfortunately no promotional discounts will work on the trade in credit or the final trade-up value. This includes any D1STORE pty ltd promotional codes, DJI promotional codes and educational discount codes. The price of the trade-up value may be negotiable, however no discounts/promotional codes will work.

Is my personal data safe?

Once the traded in drone is in our hands, our team will be formatting the drone, clearing any and all data stored on the drone. We recommend removing the SD card before submitting the drone to trade in and to back-up then erase all internal storage. After formatting, no one will be able to see your previous flight logs as well as images/videos taken from the drone.

Do I have to provide proof or purchase for the device I’m trading in?

No this is not required but may be requested. Stolen drones will not be eligible for the trade-in program and can be easily identified.

Are non-DJI branded drones available to be traded in?

Unfortunately only DJI branded drones are able to be traded in at this current time.

Can I trade in Enterprise DJI Drones?

Yes, you are able to trade in your DJI enterprise equipment for newer and more efficient equipment.

How long will my trade-up quote be valid for?

You will have 7 days until the quote expires. We understand how life can get in the way so you are always welcome to be requoted.

Can I combine zip with the trade-up program?

Yes, you will be able to pay via zip-money / zippay, however please note the total may increase depending on the length of interest free repayments.

Can I trade in my drone for cash?

Unfortunately trade in is only for credit towards offsetting a new drone purchase, cannot be redeemed for cash.

If I bought the drone from D1, will I get additional credit?

Yes, your purchase with D1 may be eligible for additional credit. Please enquire to learn more