Introducing DJI RS3: A New Standard for Camera Gimbals

Announced alongside a brand new suite of DJI PRO products during DJI’s Set a New Standard launch event, the DJI RS3 has officially arrived and brings with it a variety of innovative new features designed to make camera stabilisation easier than ever. We’re taking a deep dive right into the spec sheet of the DJI RS3 camera gimbal to see what’s new and to find out what this gimbal can do.

What’s New?

So, what’s new you ask? Let’s find out!

Optimised, Intuitive Design 

It may look familiar to long time users of the DJI Ronin-S series, but looks can be deceiving when it comes to the RS3. While the new RS3 retains the classic design language and aesthetic of previous RS generations, RS3 features a variety of small improvements that contribute to an intuitive final product.

Introducing DJI RS3: A New Standard for Camera Gimbals | D1 Lounge

Quick Release Plates

Designed to be the speediest Ronin to date, the RS3 features dual-layered quick-release plates that can easily be slid on and off without the need to rebalance.

Automated Axis Locks

RS3 introduces a brand new feature to the RS series; automated axis locks. What does that mean? Essentially, with these new locks, the RS3 gimbal arms will automatically expand when powered on and automatically lock when powered down. This means that transporting your stabiliser with a mounted camera is easier than ever and that you can get started shooting in mere seconds.

Removable 12 Hour Battery

Swap batteries on the fly with the new BG21 battery grip for RS3. Featuring a quick-release design, this new battery grip powers RS3 operation for up to 12 hours per charge.

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Introducing DJI RS3: A New Standard for Camera Gimbals | D1 Lounge

All New Controls 

OLED Touchscreen

DJI Pro users loved the introduction of an LCD touchscreen display on the ultra-popular DJI RS2, that’s why you’ll love the improved OLED touchscreen display found on the DJI RS3. RS3 features the largest touchscreen display on a DJI Ronin to date, with a crystal clear, 1.8” OLED touchscreen, now in colour!

This, paired with a vastly improved settings menu designed to take advantage of this new touchscreen, makes accessing important settings on the fly easier than ever.

Mode Switching Toggle

Switching between operating modes is easier than ever on RS3 with a new mode toggle switch built into the right-hand side of the control interface. This new toggle allows you to easily switch between Pan, Pan and Tilt and FPV modes.

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Introducing DJI RS3: A New Standard for Camera Gimbals | D1 Lounge

What Else Can the RS3 Do?

Vertical Mode

That’s right! Vertical Mode is back! This fan-favourite feature from the DJI RSC2 makes its return on the RS3, allowing you to natively mount your camera vertically to capture dynamic vertical video.

Vertical mode is ideal for social media content creators, helping you capture premium quality vertical video for TikTok, IG reels, YouTube Shorts and more!

SuperSmooth Mode

The RS3 is already the most stable camera gimbal in its class with a 20% increase in stability compared to the DJI RS2 and RSC2.

But if that wasn’t enough, the RS3 also introduces SuperSmooth, a brand new function that increases gimbal motor torque resulting in even smoother footage. This game-changing feature is perfect for capturing smooth close up shots.

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Introducing DJI RS3: A New Standard for Camera Gimbals | D1 Lounge

What Cameras Does the RS3 Support?

With support for payloads up to 3KG, the DJI RS3 is compatible with a variety of popular cameras including both DSLRs and smaller mirrorless cameras. Popular supported camera models include the Sony Alpha series (Sony A7 III, A7 IV and A7S III), Canon EOS R series (Canon R5, R6, R7 and R10) and Nikon Z series (Nikon Z50, Z5, Z6 and Z7), Plus more cameras by Olympus, Fujifilm, Lumix and more.

Find out if your camera is compatible with the DJI RS3 by checking out the compatibility list here.

What About the DJI RS3 Pro?

That’s right, now only did DJI reveal the DJI RS3 during their Set a New Standard launch event, DJI Pro users are getting the chance to choose between two new RS gimbals. Launched alongside the RS3, the new DJI RS3 is DJI’s newest flagship camera stabiliser and is packed with innovative features built for professional videographers.

Want to learn more about the DJI RS3 Pro? Check out our full DJI RS3 Pro deep dive here.

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Introducing DJI RS3: A New Standard for Camera Gimbals | D1 Lounge

Where Can I Buy the DJI RS3?

The DJI RS3 has officially landed and can be purchased today at D1 Store, Australia’s first and only DJI Authorised Retailer. Visit one of our eight convenient locations around Australia to get a hands-on look at the RS3 or buy online for free shipping within Australia.

The DJI RS3 is available in two variations; the standard DJI RS3 which includes the RS3 gimbal and what you need to get started, and the DJI RS3 Combo which features additional accessories including a focus motor, carrying case and more.

  • DJI RS3 | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Store
  • DJI RS3

DJI RS3 | $799

Reinvented for the modern day creative, the DJI RS3 is an all in one camera stabiliser that provides endless opportunity for creative filmmaking. Supporting 3 KG payloads, vertical shooting and more, you can’t go wrong with RS3!

Shop Now >

  • DJI RS3 Combo | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Store
  • DJI RS3 Combo

DJI RS3 Combo | $999

Get everything included with the standard DJI RS3 along with additional essential accessories all designed to make capturing creative videography easier than ever. Additional accessories include a Briefcase Handle, Focus Motor Kit with gear strips, plus a premium carrying case to store it all.

Shop Now >

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Introducing DJI RS3: A New Standard for Camera Gimbals | D1 Lounge

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The new DJI RS3 is available now in-store and online at D1 Store! Purchase online and receive free shipping in Australia for all orders over $99!

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