Introducing DJI RS 2 ( DJI Ronin-S 2)

The DJI Ronin-S was the gimbal standard for the last two years and DJI have just released the replacement, dubbed the RS 2, shorthand for Ronin-S 2. We're going to have a look at what you need to know about this new gimbal, what's in the box and how this will be perfect for you! 

DJI RS 2, What Is It? 

DJI RS2 What's Inside The Box

The DJI RS 2 (DJI Ronin-S 2) is an industry level camera gimbal that essentially stabilises the mounted camera through it's 3 axis stabilisation. This is similar to the gimbals on drones where the gimbal will compensate for movements and allows shake-free footage.

The way it works is relatively simple; 

  1. Mount the camera to the gimbal
  2. Balance the camera 
  3. Turn gimbal on and start filming!

What sets the RS 2 apart from the competition is the well placed 1.4" touchscreen found at the rear of the handle, which allows you access parameters and features directly. This is a really neat addition when compared to the superseded Ronin-S. With that gimbal, if you wanted to access the parameters, you had to buy either the command unit or the phone mount and control the parameters and features through that  not ideal! 

What Do You Get With The RS2?

RS2 What's Inside

From the image above, you will see you receive the Carrying Case, Gimbal, BG20 Grip (New Battery), USB-C Charging Cable (40cm), Lens-Fastening Strap, Extended Grip/Tripod (Metal), Quick-Release Plate (Arca-Swiss/Manfrotto), Briefcase Handle, Camera Riser, Multi-Camera Control Cables (USB-C, Sony Multi, Micro-USB, Mini-USB), Hook and loop strap, D-Ring Camera Mounting Screw 1/4"-20, RSA/NATO port cover, Pan Axis Sleeve Cover and a 1/4"-20 screw. 

What Are The Features Of The RS2? 

DJI RS2 Features
Carbon Fiber Construction

Taking design ques from the DJI Ronin 2, the RS 2 is one of the first prosumer level camera gimbals to incorporate a monocoque carbon fiber design. The reason behind this material choice was that the original Ronin-S was relatively heavy with its aluminium design. By using this new material, DJI were able to keep the RS 2 to a reduced weight of only 1.3 Kg and have a tested payload of 4.5 Kg. This offers the highest weight-to-payload performance in its gimbal class and your arms will thank you. 

Full-Colour Touchscreen 

Much like the Osmo Pocket and the Command Unit, the DJI RS 2 has a 1.4" full colour touchscreen built right into the rear of the handle. This screen not only allows you use to access gimbal and camera parameters, it also gets the live camera view for monitoring and using ActiveTrack 3.0. To use ActiveTrack 3.0, you will need to get the RavenEye transmission system. The technology behind this is quite incredible and once paired with the 3D focus system, this gimbal really excels as the best of the best. 

Modular Design 

Much like the previous Ronin series, DJI wanted to ensure the RS 2 was as modular and compatible as possible. There is nothing worse that not having all your equipment work with each other. With this new modular design, it can easily be mounted onto a vehicle, jib, cable cam and more. By outfitting its RSA ports as NATO mounts, the DJI RS2 is also compatible with a large variety of third-party accessories, letting users customise it in endless ways. 

High-Capacity Battery 

The BG30 Grip on the RS2 has a fancy new addition, quick-charging. This means the battery grip can go from 0-80% in just one hour, 60 minutes. This will last 12 hours on a well-balanced RS 2. Further more you can charge the RS 2 with its USB-C port that is built INTO the battery, therefore you do not need to mount the battery to the gimbal to charge. This is a huge difference to the original Ronin-S battery where you had to the charge the battery through the Ronin-S. 

Now tell me the Filmmaking Features! 

RS2 Features
Titan Stabilisation Algorithm 

Whilst the Ronin-S stabilisation was one of the best, DJI have refined their algorithms and has introduced a new mode available to use, supersmooth. This mode is a must use for cameras that are using a lens greater than 100m or a zoom lens. The reason being is after 100m, any tiny movements will look significant, so with this new algorithm, the RS 2 can mitigate these small movements delivery class leading stabilisation. 

RavenEye Image Transmission System 

With the RavenEye Image Transmission System, it will transmit a 1080p live view from the camera to your phone from up to 100m away with latency as low as 50 ms, that is latency good enough for online gaming. RavenEye also allows for camera parameter control right from the Ronin App (make sure to update this app!) and gives you so much more freedom to move whilst you capture your shot. 

ActiveTrack 3.0 

With the above RavenEye transmission system, the camera view is delivered to the touch screen which then ActiveTrack 3.0 is made possible. WHAT! No longer do you need to mount your phone to the gimbal to access ActiveTrack, you can now do it with your fingers. 

3D Focus System 

This is wicked, the 3D Focus System. This revolutionary system is crazy and uses Lidar to fire photons to measure the distance between a lens and subject. What does this mean? well, this communicates to the focus motor to provide accurate focus that is dialed in immediately. This means, your old lenses that don't have autofocus now have autofocus! Your large-aperture lenses that miss focus? Not a problem. Older camera with sub-par auto-focus? Now breathing with new life! The possibilities are endless, I know we will mounting the Helios 42-M onto the gimbal! 

Are there any intelligent features? 

Time Tunnel

Do a barrel roll! The popular 360 roll feature is backed, renamed and now better than ever. This Time Tunnel takes 3D roll and adds hyperlapse to create footage that is literally out of this world! 

Force Mobile 

The Ronin-app on your phone is all you need to control the RS2 with your phones gyroscope. The gimbal follows every tilt and every turn, letting you create a more fluid shot. 

One-Tap Portrait Mode 

One of the most popular features of the Osmo Mobile series makes it to the RS2, that is the one tap auto-switch between manual and portrait mode! This means the RS 2 can help elevate your Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Linkedin stories to a whole new level of professional. You can switch the modes in the touchscreen or through your Mobile phone on the app. 

Can You Get The Care Refresh For DJI RS 2?

Much like the other Ronin products, the DJI RS 2 is eligible to have care refresh where it will provide up to 2 replacements in 1 year. This covers accidental damage and more. The new 2-year plan provides 3 replacements units in 2 years, extends the original warranty up to 2 years and also includes the International Warranty Service. 


What cameras are compatible with the DJI RS2? 

The DJI RS2 is compatible with nearly all the major camera brands such as Sony, Canon, Nikon and Fujifilm, Panasonic and Blackmagic. 

What are the differences between the DJI Ronin-S and DJI RS2?

The Ronin-S motors are around 20% more powerful with a weight reduction of 25%. 
The RS2 is equipped with a 1.4" full colour touchscreen, focus wheel built into the front and now the RS2 supports more accessories with the Ronin-S. 

What's the weight and payload of RS2? 

The DJI RS2 weighs around 1.3 kg and has a tested payload of 4.5 kg and this means the RS 2 has one of the highest weight to payload ratio for devices of this kind. 

Where Can I Buy DJI RS2? 

From D1 Store, DJI's Authorised Retail Store, where you can buy online with free shipping or in-store. 

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