Introducing DJI AGRAS T30 and AGRAS T10

The latest in DJI’s agricultural drone solutions, the DJI AGRAS T30 and AGRAS T10 are new, innovative agriculture protection units featuring unique foldable designs and intelligent software control to make your next farming mission effective and efficient. 

Why DJI AGRAS T30 and AGRAS T10?

If you’re looking to digitise and optimise your farming operation, DJI AGRAS T30 and AGRAS T10 are the ideal way to do so, providing an all-in-one farming solution for efficient spreading and spraying. The AGRAS series is designed for large-scale operations and optimal efficiency, with the AGRAS T30 capable of covering up to 40 acres per hour. 

With a game-changing foldable design allowing you to reduce the drone’s physical footprint by up to 80% for easy storage and transportation, AGRAS series is suitable for farms of all sizes. Plus, with Smart Agriculture 3D Farming integration, AGRAS can get to know your farmland, generating tailored flightpaths for maximum performance on your farm. 

The AGRAS series is also engineered for maximum safety, with both T30 and T10 models featuring dual FPV cameras for in-flight status updates and a unique spherical obstacle avoidance radar system, allowing AGRAS T30 and AGRAS T10 to intelligently detect and avoid obstacles during flight. 

DJI AGRAS series drones are built to last with IP67 water and dust resistance, with tanks protected from corrosion. AGRAS series Intelligent Flight Batteries are protected by DJI warranty for 1,000 charges, ensuring that the batteries are just as durable as the drone chassis.

Check out the AGRAS breakdown video here.

What’s different between DJI AGRAS T30 and AGRAS T10?

The primary difference between these two agricultural drones is their size, capacity and efficiency, and thus the scale of operation each drone is suitable for. DJI AGRAS T30 is designed for large-scale farming operations whilst AGRAS T10 is targeted towards smaller operations.

Further similarities and differences can be seen below:




30-litre tank

8-litre tank

Max Spray Width

9 metres

5 metres

Max Hourly Productivity

40 acres

15 acres

Spreading system

35L capacity with a 7-metre maximum spray width 

12L capacity with a 5-metre maximum spray width 

FPV Cameras

Front and back

Front and back

Obstacle Avoidance 

Spherical, omnidirectional obstacle avoidance radar system

Spherical, omnidirectional obstacle avoidance radar system

Water resistance

IP67 water and dust resistance 

IP67 water and dust resistance

Which drone is best for me?

Still unsure about which DJI AGRAS best meets your needs? Not to worry! Contact our dedicated enterprise team who will help assess your needs to determine which AGRAS is right for you! Reach out to our team for a free consultation on or call us on (03) 9288 7859. 

Where’s the best place to purchase?

Ready to buy? Let us help! At D1 Store, we provide expert service and advice and supply you with genuine Australian stock at the best price! For AGRAS purchase enquiries please contact our enterprise team through or call us on (03) 9288 7859.