How to Sync DJI Flight Records and Logs for Warranty and Flyaway

If you have experience a flyaway and need to make a claim or want to make a warranty claim, DJI will need to have access to your flight records to determine what happened with the drone and who was at fault. Each drone has a "black box" where it will record all actions from the pilots, error messages along with flight telemetry which will all help the DJI diagnostics team to determine the reason for the fault. 


Click the top right hand menu icon on home page >> Click onto Flight Records >> Click the cloud sync button on the top right. 


Syncing your flight logs through the DJI Fly App should be automatic.

To check it is correctly set to Auto-Sync the logs follow this sequence.

Open the DJI Fly app. Then touch on "Profile". From there touch "Settings". Then touch "Sync Flight Data". It should have the Auto-sync Flight Records slider in Blue.

See example here:

DJI Fly Data Base

Once you have confirmed your flight logs have been successfully synced, you can move to the next step.


Lodge with DJI 

The Fly away case can be lodged in 3 methods.