How Can DJI Enterprise Drones Be Used For Public Safety?

DJI Enterprise drones and payloads continue to improve, opening up opportunities to improve workflows across various industries including public safety. Join us as we dive into the ways DJI Enterprise drones can be used in the public safety sphere to help benefit teams and objectives.

As technology advances and drones begin to become more accessible, DJI enterprise drones have been adopted by various public safety services including the police and fire department. Drones including the DJI Matrice 300, Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced and Phantom 4 RTK are used across both law enforcement, firefighting and rescue services to help public servants achieve missions more efficiently and effectively without placing operators in harm's way.

By using drones for their operations, public servants can streamline operations and tasks leading to successful outcomes quicker and with minimal risks, ultimately saving lives.

How Can DJI Enterprise Drones Be Used For Public Safety? | D1 Store

Law Enforcement

The power of enterprise drone solutions can be fully unlocked in law enforcement applications, allowing officers to rapidly deploy and receive real-time aerial insights to aid their mission. With game-changing applications in both live-mission and investigative situations, drones can be used by law enforcement officers to ensure safe operations whilst capturing necessary intelligence for investigations.

Drones can also be used by law enforcement to assist in the collection of forensic data after accidents like car crashes or on crime scenes. Additionally, drones can be implemented by law enforcement for the purpose of crowd control with loudspeaker attachments, for aerial tracking of subjects and general surveillance at large events.

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How Can DJI Enterprise Drones Be Used For Public Safety? | D1 Store


Drones are a useful tool that can be used to ensure greater firefighter safety and efficient operations in high-pressure environments. With advancements in technology allowing for remote control and feedback from gas detectors, thermal cameras and more, enterprise drone solutions can be used across a variety of scenarios including urban and forest firefighting in addition to performing HazMat operations.

Firefights can also approach fires with far greater safety with the knowledge provided by pre-scouting with an enterprise drone. This allows teams to approach fires strategically with set targets whilst avoiding risks.

How Can DJI Enterprise Drones Be Used For Public Safety? | D1 Store

Rescue Services

An essential tool for first responders, drones are used by rescue services to help survey vast environments, pinpoint individuals and save lives. Empowering efficient operations during high-pressure, time-sensitive operations, the advanced technologies provided by drones including night-vision, thermal cameras and more, can tip the scales towards mission success.

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What else can Enterprise Drones do?

Enterprise drones have applications across a range of industries. Learn how they can be used in agriculture, energy or land surveying.

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