How Can DJI Enterprise Drones Be Used For Agriculture?

As the enterprise drone market continues to grow as users across various industries adopt and apply enterprise drone solutions to their operations, the use of enterprise drones in the agriculture sector has also risen. Join us as we dive into the ways DJI Enterprise drones can be used to aid agriculture operations and benefit overall productivity.

Much like in other industries, traditional enterprise series drones including the DJI Matrice 300 and Phantom 4 RTK can be used to efficiently gather complex data for effective decision making. Furthermore, in the agriculture space, agriculture-specific drones including DJI’s flagship AGRAS T30 and AGRAS T10 can be used to further aid agriculture operations via crop protection, seed spreading and mission planning.

How Can DJI Enterprise Drones Be Used For Agriculture? | D1 Store

Crop Protection

With rapid development in technological abilities, enterprise agriculture drones have taken over farms and agriculture operations practically overnight. A huge reason for this is the ability to upscale the efficiency of agriculture operations with automated flight paths, efficient spraying and other features.

Agriculture drones provide a new way to practice crop protection without the need for inefficient traditional methods and equipment whilst offering environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional crop sprayers, providing efficient pesticide spraying whilst reducing waste. Additionally, with optimised workflow features including automated flight paths, crop mapping and more, crops can be protected with greater effectiveness to yield better returns.

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How Can DJI Enterprise Drones Be Used For Agriculture? | D1 Store

Seed Distribution

With options for seed spreading modules for agriculture drones, not only can enterprise drones be used to treat crops, but also to help plant them in the first place. Agriculture drones provide a strategic and efficient way to spread crop seeds across farmland without compromising soil integrity and farmland health through traditional ground-based seed spreading methods. For example, by outfitting the DJI AGRAS T30 with its advanced seed spreading module, farmers can efficiently seed entire fields in mere minutes with the touch of a button.

But that’s not all, not only can agriculture drones like the AGRAS T30 be used to spread seeds, they can also be used for spreading small-particle matter including fertiliser and animal feed.

How Can DJI Enterprise Drones Be Used For Agriculture? | D1 Store

Mission Planning

By providing farmers with advanced farmland and orchard mapping, enterprise drones can also be implemented to streamline data gathering and management for agricultural processes. When paired with crop sprayers, this data can be used to optimise the performance and efficiency of each spraying or spreading mission, leading to greater results at a lower environmental and monetary cost.

Enterprise drone solutions can be used to aid digital agriculture mission planning by optimising flight plans, sprays patterns and more whilst eliminating the need for traditional land-based equipment and data collection methods.

Through aerial operation, the enterprise drones enable farmers to complete spraying procedures efficiently without negative impacts on the environment. DJI Enterprise drones including the Phantom 4 Multispectral and Matrice 300 can be used to map, plan and observe missions to support overall mission success.

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What else can Enterprise Drones do?

Enterprise drones have applications across a range of industries. Learn how they can be used in public safety, energy or land surveying.

Land Surveying

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