Gannet Drone Fishing Releases: Available now at D1 Store

You’ve been requesting this for this product and we’ve heard you all loud and clear… say hello to the all-new range of award-winning drone fishing releases by Gannet - now available at D1 Store!

What's Gannet?

Seeking to produce high-quality drone fishing accessories for DJI drones, Gannet’s range of drone release systems is designed by fishermen for fishermen. With designs that integrate seamlessly with DJI drones without compromising flight performance, Gannet’s release systems are developed and tested in extreme conditions to ensure that they’re always up to the task at hand.

How do the release systems work?

Love flying? Love fishing? Love both? Gannet’s drone fishing releases will be perfect for you! 

Experience fishing like never before with the power and flexibility of an aerial release. No longer are you limited by the length of your line or the reach of your fishing rod, with a Gannet release system attached to your DJI drone, you can now cast bait hundreds of meters away from your location to target optimal fish density. 

Simply attach your payload to the release system, pilot your drone to your targeted drop site and release the bait for a fun new twist on fishing!

What's available?

  • Gannet X Sport | D1 Store
  • Gannet X Sport

Gannet X Sport | $289

Power your next fishing trip with the Gannet X Sport, compatible with the DJI Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 series drones. This release mounts easily without tools and can be used to release bait without interfering with the obstacle avoidance sensors of the Phantom series drones.

  • Gannet X Sport for Mavic 2 | D1 Store
  • Gannet X Sport for Mavic 2

Gannet X Sport for Mavic 2 | $240

Reimagined to suit the folding design of the Mavic 2 series, the Gannet X Sport for Mavic 2 series brings the same versatile functionality of the original Gannet XS to smaller drones for more compact, lightweight mission setups.

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