Freewell Mega Filter Pack for DJI Mini 4 Pro: Every Filter Explained

Camera filters are some of the best accessories you can have for your DJI Mini 4 Pro drone. The Freewell Mega Pack offers a unique 16 filter configuration for Mini 4 Pro creatives. Let’s see what’s included.

What is the Mega Filter Pack for DJI Mini 4 Pro?

Designed for creatives, the Freewell Mega Filter Pack for DJI Mini 4 Pro is a comprehensive camera filter solution for the DJI Mini 4 Pro drone.

This all-inclusive filter pack collates the best of the Freewell filter range, featuring 16 unique camera filters that can be deployed in a variety of scenarios to help you achieve the optimal image. Whether you’re looking to reduce glare, fine-tune exposure or add a unique look to your shot, the Mega Pack will have a filter for you.

Freewell Filters: Key Features

GimbalSafe Technology

All of Freewell’s filters are engineered with GimbalSafe technology, which ensures that the Mini 4 Pro gimbal is not negatively impacted by attaching a filter.

The heaviest filter in the pack caps out at just 1.1 grams, so you can rest assured that your camera performs optimally no matter which filter you’re using.

Premium Optical Glass

Each filter included in the Mega Pack is constructed using premium German SCHOTT glass, the gold standard for camera filters of all shapes and sizes. Each filter sports a special coating resulting in a dust and oilproof finish that’s resistant to scratches as well.

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What Filters Are Included in the Freewell Mega Pack?

So what exactly are these 16 filters? Let’s take a look.

  • Freewell ND16 Filter for DJI Mini 4 Pro

ND Filters x7

Neutral density filters account for 7 of the Mega Pack’s 16 filters with options from ND16 to ND1000. ND filters empower you to precisely control exposure for every shot you capture. Lower stops can be used for daily filming while higher stop filters are ideal for capturing long exposure shots.

Includes: ND16, ND32, ND64, ND128, ND256, ND512 and ND1000 filters

  • Freewell CPL Filter for DJI Mini 4 Pro

CPL Filter

CPL filters are an essential in all camera filter kits and this filter will likely spend a significant amount of time mounted on your drone.

This filter removes unwanted reflections from your footage for a colour enhanced image.

  • Freewell ND/PL Filter for DJI Mini 4 Pro

ND/PL Filters x5

ND/PL filters combine the effects of the two previous filter types - ND and CPL - giving you the best of both worlds. These filters will simultaneously reduce light exposure and eliminate glare, making them perfect for daytime use, especially when bright.

Includes: ND16/PL, ND32/PL, ND64/PL, ND128/PL and ND256/PL filters

  • Freewell LPR Filter for DJI Mini 4 Pro

Light Pollution Reduction Filter

The LPR filter reduces interference and unwanted highlights from artificial light sources when you’re out filming. This is the go-to filter for capturing nightscape imagery and for astrophotography.

  • Freewell UV Filter for DJI Mini 4 Pro

UV Filter

The UV filter’s function is simple: eliminate UV rays that can deter sensor performance. If you’re not looking to add a specific effect to your shot, we suggest equipping the UV filter in place of the Mini 4 Pro’s standard cover for added protection.

  • Freewell Snow Mist 1/4 Filter for DJI Mini 4 Pro

Snow Mist 1/4 Filter

Arguably the most unique filter included in the Mega Pack is the Snow Mist filter. This dynamic filter can be used to soften your images for an almost film-like look. The Snow Mist filter produces a slight glow in your images, especially around light sources, resulting in an ultra dreamy look.

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Why Buy the Mega Pack?

Everything in One

The Freewell Mega Filter Pack for DJI Mini 4 Pro includes every filter you’ll ever need in one and eliminates the struggle of having to pick and choose between different filters. Once you’ve got the Mega Pack in tow, you can rest assured that you’ll have the right filter to deploy, no matter your filming environment.

Plus, it comes with a custom protective case that stores all included filters securely with individual slots for each filter so that you’ll never accidentally loose a filter.

Super Savings

Not only does the Mega Pack provide added filming versatility, it represents a significant saving when compared to the purchase price of individual filters. When purchased individually, each Freewell filter carries an RRP of $35 AUD.

Meanwhile, the Mega Pack retails for $229 AUD. Run the numbers and this means that you’re effectively paying for just six and a half filters! Talk about a good deal!

Where to Buy Freewell Filter Mega Pack in Australia

The Freewell Mega Filter Pack for DJI Mini 4 Pro can be purchased from D1 Store - Australia’s First & Only DJI Authorised Retailer. Purchase in-store at one of many flagship locations around Australia or buy online for free shipping in Australia on orders over $99.

  • Freewell Mega Filter Pack for DJI Mini 4 Pro (16 Pack)

Freewell Mega Filter Pack

Assembled for creatives, the Freewell Mega Filter Pack for DJI Mini 4 Pro includes 16 high-quality filters for the DJI Mini 4 pro drone. This all-in-one pack features premium camera filters for a variety shooting scenarios including high noon, nighttime and more.

Includes: 5 ND/PL filters, 7 ND filters, CPL, UV, Mist and LPR filters

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