Free Service and Warranty Extensions for DJI Mavic 3

Well this is a nice surprise! Christmas has come early this year for DJI Mavic 3 owners with DJI announcing free extended service, warranty and Care Refresh extensions for the new DJI Mavic 3 aircraft. Read to find out more.

DJI has just announced an extended service period for early adopters of the DJI Mavic 3, including owners of the new DJI Mavic 3 aircraft, Fly More Combo or Cine Premium Combo. This includes all D1 customers who have purchased and activated their new Mavic 3 drone prior to January 1st 2022!

What’s the big deal?

DJI’s new extended warranty period covers your Mavic 3 drone from the date of purchase up until February 7th 2022, upon which time the official 12 month warranty period begins. This effectively means that if you purchased your Mavic 3 prior to January 1st 2022, your drone will be covered by official DJI warranty until February 7th 2023, providing up to 15 months of DJI warranty in total.

This is even better for D1 Store customers who receive a complimentary second year of DJI warranty with their DJI drone purchase, thus meaning that your Mavic 3 will be covered all the way up until February 7th 2024!

What about Care Refresh?

Extended warranty is great, but what about Care Refresh you ask? Well, DJI has also generously extended the DJI Care Refresh period for the Mavic 3 series alongside the extended warranty period. Just like the extended warranty, if you purchase and bind DJI Care Refresh to your Mavic 3 prior to January 1st 2022, your official coverage will not begin until February 7th 2022. This means you will be covered by Care Refresh and all of its benefits until February 7th 2023 or 2024 for the 1 and 2 year Care Refresh plans respectively.

Looking to Buy?

If you’ve read this news and are more excited to buy a new Mavic 3, we don’t blame you! There’s still time to purchase and activate your Mavic 3 drone prior to the January 1 cut off date, so get in quick to receive free priority shipping within Australia when you purchase your new DJI Mavic 3 from D1 Store. But that’s not all, when you purchase from D1, you also receive exclusive FREE basic maintenance for your Mavic 3 valued at $159!

Need Care Refresh?

  • DJI Care Refresh for DJI Mavic 3
  • DJI Care Refresh for
  • DJI Mavic 3

DJI Care Refresh |  $349

The DJI Care Refresh for the DJI Mavic 3 is the perfect way to protect your investment for 12 months. It's a comprehensive service plan that offers two replacements units in one year, allowing you to enjoy your DJI product with greater peace of mind wherever you go. With the DJI Care Refresh, you will receive a prioritised replacement service including accidental water damage. The care program minimises downtime and will get you back in the air in no time.

Still Need a Hand?

If you’ve still got questions and want to learn more about the DJI RC Pro or any other DJI product, we’re more than happy to help. Reach out to us at D1 Store by visiting one of our convenient locations around Australia for hands-on help from our Product Specialists or contact us at

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