Fearless Drone Academy: The Ultimate Drone Course for Beginners

New to flying? It’s time to become a fearless drone pilot with the all-new Fearless Drone Academy, hosted by commercial drone pilot and drone expert Dan Davis of DansTube.TV!

What is the Fearless Drone Academy?

Founded and taught by commercial drone pilot Dan Davis, the Fearless Drone Academy is a new, all-in-one drone piloting course for new and beginner pilots. If you’ve just bought your first drone or aren’t feeling confident flying, the Fearless Drone Academy is perfect for you!

What’s included?

Fearless Drone Academy is a comprehensive piloting course broken up into bite-sized modules allowing you to learn at your own pace. With over a dozen lessons, you’ll gain access to hours of in-depth drone piloting education to prepare you to fly safely and with confidence.

Fearless Drone Academy covers everything you need to know from understanding the basics of drones and flying rules all the way to in-depth drone maintenance and risk assessment.

But that’s not all! Fearless Drone Academy also includes:

  • Mobile learning app for students
  • Fearless Drone Academy certificate 
  • Access to the Fearless Drone Academy private Facebook group
  • Regular giveaways for students

If you’ve tried out D1’s New Pilot Experience and are keen to learn more, Fearless Drone Academy is the best place to learn.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Ready to become a fearless drone pilot? Visit the Fearless Drone Academy website to sign up for the course. The course launched on Monday, November 8 and is available for a limited-time of just $99 with code "D1STORE". The regular price for the course is $149. Plus if you sign up today, you'll go in the draw to win a brand new DJI Mini SE, so get in quick and sign-up! 

Check out more of Dan's great DJI content on YouTube at DansTube.TV.

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