Everything you need to know about Care Refresh Plus

This document is just too good to share internally, so for the first time, we have made it public to anyone to view!

DJI care refresh is an insurance program run by DJI that allows the drone flyer to have peace of mind wherever and whenever they fly. This protection protects the pilot against the inevitable mishaps of flying and provides them with a replacement at a fraction of the cost. (Paid as an excess fee).

This refresh program has you covered in any accident (including water damage) provided you are able to present your damaged drone to DJI during your claim. No drone, no claim.

Please note: The customer can have a completely mangled drone with parts everywhere, gimbal dangling, arms barely attached and that still qualifies for a replacement!

Care Refresh + runs for 12 months and provides you with up to 1 replacement during that 12 months. 

Below are the products, cost and cost of replacement offered by DJI for Care Refresh +.



First Replacement

OSMO Action 






Mavic Mini 

Mavic Air 2
$159 $149

Mavic Air 



Mavic Pro 



Mavic Pro Platinum 



Mavic 2 Series 



Phantom 4 Advanced           



Phantom 4 Pro 



Inspire 2 



Zenmuse X4S 



Zenmuse X5S 



Zenmuse X7