Everything you need to know about Care Refresh.

"How easy are they to fly? Are they easy to crash? Will a beginner like me crash?."
These are some of the most commonly asked questions when buying a drone and understandably so. Whilst most of DJI drones come with obstacle avoidance sensors, GPS and a punch of other technology to keep the drone in the air, sometimes factors beyond the pilots control can happen and cause an accident, whether that's a crash or a lost drone. Even the most seasoned pilots experience accidents, it's totally normal.

What are some of the main causes behind a crash?

Distractions - This could be from your friends, family, strangers or some event that happens.
FPV - Using a headset and not knowing where your surroundings may be.
Interference - This could come from buildings, trees, valleys and other radio devices.
Weather - Gale force winds, rain, temperature all will affect the drone.
Propellers - Ensure the propellers are installed correctly.
Indoor flying - As there is no GPS, the drone will use its internal/external sensors instead.
Animals - Certain dogs will jump at drones, certain birds will attack the drone.
Inexperienced pilot - We've found pilots usually let their mates go for a spin which have ended in crashes.
Sports mode - This is where all obstacle avoidance sensors turn off, many pilots do not leave enough braking room for the drone to come to a stop.

What is Care Refresh?

DJI care refresh is a service plan run by DJI that allows the drone flyer to have peace of mind wherever and whenever they fly. This protection protects the pilot against the inevitable mishaps of flying and provides them with a replacement at a fraction of the cost. (Paid as an excess fee).
This refresh program has you covered in any accident (including water damage) provided you are able to provide your damaged drone to DJI during your claim. No drone, No claim. However, if you have a newer model such as the DJI Mini 2, Mini SE, DJI Air 2s or Mavic 3, your care refresh will come with flyaway coverage. This will cover you in the event the drone is not retrieved, provided your account and remote controller are all bound correctly.
FYI: You can have a completely mangled drone with parts everywhere, gimbal dangling, arms barely attached and that still qualifies for a replacement!

Am I eligible?

If your drone is Australian stock and has not been activated or activated for less than 48 hours, you are eligible for the care refresh program. In the event you missed the 48 hour window, there are work arounds which our D1 team can help you get care refresh. Please do not hesitate to email us here at sales@d1store.com.au and we will get it all organised for you! Just a reminder, if your drone is not Australian stock, you will not be eligible to purchase Australian care refresh for your drone.

1 Year Care Refresh (Drones)

1 Year Care Refresh (Gimbals)

1 Year Care Refresh (Osmo)

2 Year Care Refresh (All)

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