Everything DJI FPV

If you've just purchased the DJI FPV, this article will take you through everything you need to help you get started and to master your DJI Drone. 

Unboxing and Starting Up The Drone

The following video will take you through unboxing the drone and setting everything up before your first flight. 


  • You will need to have a mobile device with DJI Fly connected to activate the drone. 
  • It is recommended to fully charge the batteries before your first flight. 
  • You will need to do a firmware update, this will take anywhere between 10-30 minutes. 

Flying Your DJI FPV For The First Time 

In the following video, you will be taken through the sets to ensure your drone is ready for take off. You will need to download "DJI FLY" from the app store and either log in or create an account. 


  • It is important to check through CASA approved applications that you are able to fly in the area you wish to do so.
  • It is also important to learn the CASA rules and regulations before
  • Check all your propellers are on properly and securely. 
  • Double check your IMU and Compass to ensure they are all normal. Re-calibrate if you need, there is nothing wrong with re-calibrating your drone. 
  • Wait 1 -2 minutes to ensure the drone has recorded it's home point, this is very important. 

Updating the DJI FPV Firmware

In the following video, you will learn how to update the firmware on the DJI FPV. 


  • Make sure the drone and controller have over 50% of charge before you start the update.
  • Ensure you have a strong stable internet connection before commencing the update. 

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