Essential Drone Accessories for Flying at the Beach

Having the right accessory for the right flight situation can often make or break your flight experience. Check out this list of essential accessories to help you enjoy a smooth flight experience when you’re out flying at the beach this summer.

  • Landing Pad

Landing Pad | $24

When flying at the beach it's often difficult to find a level surface free of debris to take off from, and that’s where landing pads come into play. With a drone landing pad, you’ll be able to set a small spot to take off from virtually anywhere. 
A landing pad helps prevent sand and dust from being blown into your drone’s internal systems during take off and landing and is an absolute essential for any beach flying trip.
  • DJI Lanyard for Drones

Remote Controller Lanyard | $14

Flying at the beach means that you often don’t have a safe spot to place your remote controller when it's time to take a break from flying. The DJI Lanyard for Drones connects easily to your remote controller and hangs around your neck when not in use.
  • Drone Pilot Gift Pack | D1 Store
  • Car Chargers

Car Charger

When you’re at the beach it can be tricky to find a power outlet to charge up your Intelligent Flight Batteries to help you enjoy more flight. That’s where a car charger comes in! With a compatible car charger you can charge on the go from the comfort of your car when an outlet isn’t available. They’re super handy on beach trips when there’s no power around.
  • Samsung 128GB SD Card | D1 Store
  • Samsung 128GB SD Card

SD Card | $39

An essential piece of any drone filmmaking kit - regardless of whether you’re filming at the beach or not - a high-quality SD card will help you record high quality footage on your DJI drone with ease.
  • DJI Mini Bag + | D1 Store
  • Strobe Light

Strobe Light | $29

When flying in public airspace, one of the best ways to make sure you, your drone and those around you are safe is for everyone in the area to be aware of your drone’s location. With a drone strobe light attached you can easily alert others of your drone’s presence. Plus, it’s also a great way to help maintain visual line of sight with your drone at all times, with the bright flashing light clearly signalling your drone’s location.
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  • Safety Cases

Safety Case

Keep your gear safe and sound with a hard-shelled safety case! By using a waterproof and dustproof safety case, you can ensure that your gear stays safe from the environmental perils of the beach. Keep stray sand, dirt and seawater away from your precious gear and focus less on finding a spot to stash your gear and more on framing the perfect shot!

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