Drones Pre and Post Flight Checklist

Pre-Flight Checklist

The list below is a great way to ensure you have all the necessary gear for flying your drone and making sure you are taking all the precautions needed before taking off. This will help ensure that your drone is at it's optimal performance level and the people surrounding the area is safe along with yourself, the pilot.

You can save or print the follow table off and use it each time you fly, it's recommended that you keep it in your transporting bag or safety carrying case!

Agenda Check
Weather: Check to ensure there is no rain on the way along with the wind speed. 
No Fly Zone: Ensure your flight route does not coincide with a No Fly Zone.
Interference: Check your surrounding area for mobile/radio towers, electrical wires and metallic objects.
Obstacles: Ensure your take-off and flight path is free from any obstacles.
People: Ensure there are no people within your flight area
Temperature: Double check the temperature is within the drone's limits.
SD Card: Ensure your SD card is installed in your drone and is correctly formatted.
Clean Drone Sensors: Double check all the vision and infrared sensors are cleaned.
Take Off Pad: Ensure your drone is on a level surface for take off.
Gimbal Cover: Remove the Gimbal Cover.
Insert Battery: Use a fully charged battery and make sure to hear the audible click.
Turning Drone On: Ensure there are no obstacles in the way of the aircrafts gimbal.
Turning Controller On: Make sure there is enough charge on the controller.
Loading the App: Connect your phone/tablet to the controller and connect the drone.
Check for firmware updates: Download and install the required firmware updates.
Check for Error Messages: Attend to any error messages.
GPS Mode: Wait for the home point to be recorded and to be in GPS Mode.
Propellers: Double check all the propellers are installed correctly.
Hover: Take off and hover a minute to see if there are any abnormalities.
Fly: After everything is ticked off, go out and fly!

Post Flight Checklist

In order to keep your drone at optimal health and performance, post-flight checklists will help ensure the longevity of your drone. Below you will find a tried and tested post flight checklist our DJI pilots use all the time before they take flight. Having a checklist like this will ensure you do not forget any important steps when powering down and storing your aircraft.

Agenda Check
Landing: Ensure it is safe to land the drone, check for obstacles and for people.
Turning off Drone: Power down the drone first.
Remove Battery: Remove the battery from the drone.
Turning off the Controller: Power down the controller.
Visual Inspection: Inspect the drone to ensure no damage was made.
Gimbal Inspection: Carefully rotate the gimbal and see if it can rotate freely.
Clean: Clean the vision sensors from any dust, sand or debris.
Dry: If there is any residue, please wipe it dry.
Gimbal Protector: Reinstall the gimbal protector.
Clean Drone Sensors: Double check all the vision and infrared sensors are cleaned.
Storage: Place the drone back into the storage bag or safety case

By following these two checklists, you'll reduce the risk and the uncertainty of drone malfunction. These steps will also help you maintain compliant with safety regulation and will help you follow proper procedure for safe and smart drone operation.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email us here at info@d1store.com.au

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