DJI Terra V3 Now Available

In May 2021, DJI released the new version of DJI Terra, version 3.0. 

This new version introduces many new optimisations and fixes found on previous versions that make DJI Terra a more complete and sophisticated package. 


  • Supports Cluster computing mode
  • Support processing Lidar point cloud collected by Zenmuse L1 


  • Increased real-time 3D model processing speed by around 20%. 
  • Increased 3D reconstruction processing speed by 20%.
  • Optimized large scale data reconstruction experience. 
  • Optimised DSM and DOM for 2D reconstruction.
    • DSM reduces the irregular outwards expansion of structures borders to make the border appear smoother and less frizzy. 
    • DOM optimises the border area of a structure. 
  • Added PLY format and PCD format to 3D point cloud reconstruction results.
  • Current reconstruction tasks can now be viewed in the task library. 
  • 3D point cloud reconstruction results can now be displayed according to altitude. 
  • Major upgrades to the aero triangulation reconstruction speed of the non-gimbal camera. 
  • Optimised the accuracy of RTK enabled real-time reconstruction models. 
  • Modify the upper limit of agricultural application route height setting to 30m. 


  • Fixed the issue where only the results of a single area were output when there were more than 1 connected component in the aero triangulation results. 
  • Fixed the issue of display offset due to incorrect order of latitude and longitude when the point cloud results of a geodetic coordinate system were output in the LAS format. 
  • Fixed the issue of base map offset when 3D reconstruction results were scaled in CAD or Cass software. 
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect GCP mark accuracy when the windows system scaling setting is not at 100%. 


  • Users can update DJI Terra to any version released within the first year of use free of charge, starting from when DJI Terra is bound with a device. From the second year onward, users must pay for version updates annually.