At the start of 2018, D1 launched the DJI STEM workshop in Australia by providing it's first workshop to Loyola and Penola College. These workshops were a success and has since grown to a much larger workshop covering multiple states, Victoria and Queensland. 

These workshops were designed by both DJI and D1's educational team that aimed to provide the students a holistic view on drones and drone technologies. Drones are more than just a photographers camera in the sky, they have become powerful enough to do Ariel surveying, inspections and more. 

What We Offer

Our workshops follow current "flipped" teaching methods where we deliver the content at the start, through a presentation (either a lecture/assembly/class room)  before we go into an interactive workshop where we get the students to learn how to fly a drone, program the drone and more. 

The presentation covers how drones are made, how they fly/stay in the air and how STEM/STEAM applies to the drone. For Example:

S = Science = Materials of the drone (the frame), Batteries, Physics (lift and drag) etc.  

T = Technology = Autonomous Flight, Artificial Intelligence, Image Recognition etc.  

E = Engineering = Frame, Aerodynamics, Construction etc. 

A = Arts = Photography, Videography, Architecture etc. 

M = Maths = Obstacle avoidance, How the drone stays in the air etc. 

Furthermore, the workshop covers not only just the drone, but the drone industry. For example; how drones can apply to jobs, how to get a job with a drone, how to get a license etc. 

Our presentation involves live demos, videos and a power-point presentation (limited use). Our presenters like to keep the students engaged and lively by adding interactive elements, questions and giveaways!  

DJI STEM Workshop D1

What We Bring

We bring most of the equipment to your site, these includes Tello drones, Robomaster S1, Batteries, Safety glasses, Drone obstacle equipment, Flight cages and more. 

Furthermore, we like to reward students who participate in answering questions or volunteering, so we bring a large handful for free gifts to giveaway. 


Group Sizing

We are flexible with our groups, however we do prefer each session to be 20 students or less. This is due to the time limit of around 60 minutes and it's preferred if the students work in pairs. One student will fly and the other student will be the "spotter". The spotters job is to ensure there are no other drones or obstacles around the drone and to guide the pilot to avoid any obstacles. 

For the presentation, we are happy to present to the larger cohort and then do interactive workshops later. 

DJI STEAM Haileybury College

About the products 

To give a quick rundown of the products we demo; they are the Tello and the RoboMaster S1.

The Tello is a small, light educational drone with a 13 minute flight time and the ability to be programmed through scratch and python. Each drone will have 2-3 batteries to last the flying portion of the workshop. The main goal is to teach the students how to operate a drone and access the smarter features, this includes flips and the camera. 

The RoboMaster S1 is an educational robot that can also be programmed through scratch and python. We usually demonstrate this during the presentation to show where DJI is heading and where the industry is going. The RoboMaster is the perfect drone to get students engaged with the BattleBots scene. The robot does have the ability to go into "battle" with other RoboMasters, making it a fun and engaging experience. 

Schools we have partnered with

D1 Schools Partnerships

How To Book

If this workshop interests you and your school, please do not hesitate to email us at to discuss the workshop further. We do get heavily booked out during science weeks and STEM/STEAM weeks so booking in advanced is recommended to secure your spot!