DJI RS3 Gimbal: Top 5 Features

DJI has delivered again with the new DJI RS3 gimbal series, an innovative new camera stabiliser system built to deliver industry-leading performance and functionality. Tossing up whether to invest in the new DJI RS3 gimbal? Here are our five favourite reasons to pick one up today.

The new DJI RS3 gimbal and accessories are packed with user-friendly features designed to help you take your videography to the next level. Whether you’re on a professional film set or just love making videos to share on social media, here are five fantastic RS3 features that you’re bound to love.

Ultra-Efficient Design

We all know how stressful it can be to get prepped and ready to shoot when you’re on a busy set with others waiting around for you to get ready and we all hate that feeling. That’s why the DJI RS3 is designed with efficiency in mind.

The RS3 features new automated axis locks that lock and unlock with the power button, allowing you to get started in mere seconds. When you’re done filming, a simple tap of the power button puts the axes into sleep mode, folding down to make transportation quick and easy.

The DJI RS3 also adds to the efficiency with wireless shutter control, allowing users to pair their camera with the DJI RS3 just once before automatically connecting via Bluetooth for all future uses. And of course, we can’t forget the addition of an instant mode switching toggle that allows you to quickly switch between Pan, Pan and Tilt or FPV operating modes.

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DJI RS3 Gimbal: Top 5 Features | D1 Lounge

It’s Smooth… SuperSmooth

Powered by the third-generation DJI RS stabilisation algorithm, the DJI RS3 is the smoothest RS gimbal to date, delivering a 20% increase in stability compared to the already industry-leading stability of the previous generation Ronin gimbals.

But that’s not all, DJI RS3 takes things to the next level with SuperSmooth mode, a new stabilisation algorithm that can be triggered to deliver more gimbal motor torque resulting in even greater stabilisation. This mode is perfect when capturing close-up images using narrower focal length lenses.

1.8” OLED Touchscreen

Users loved the convenience and accessibility of the 1” LCD touchscreen display introduced on the previous-generation DJI RS2 gimbal, which is exactly why it’s back! Not only has DJI brought back a touchscreen on the new RS3, it's now bigger and better than before. The new RS3 sports a bigger, 1.8” OLED touchscreen that maximises the space available on the Ronin gimbal. This new colour touchscreen makes accessing your Ronin gimbal controls and setting easier than ever, with intuitive touch and gesture controls that can be accessed whilst you operate. With 1.8” of screen real estate, this improved touchscreen menu is accessible even when you’re operating with just a single hand.

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DJI RS3 Gimbal: Top 5 Features | D1 Lounge

Wide Camera Compatibility

With a super-strong motor system that supports payloads up to 3KG in weight, the DJI RS3 can support a wide variety of mirrorless cameras and lighter DSLR cameras used by professionals across the industry. If you’re upgrading from the DJI Ronin-SC or the DJI RSC2, any camera setup you used on these gimbals should work flawlessly with the new RS3.

So what cameras are supported you ask? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular camera models used with the RS3.

This includes the Sony Alpha series (Sony A7 III, A7 IV and A7S III), Canon EOS R series (Canon R5, R6, R7 and R10), Nikon Z series (Nikon Z50, Z5, Z6 and Z7) and Fujifilm X series (Fujifilm X-E3, X-T4, X100V).

Popular setups include:

  • Canon R5 + RF 24-70mm F/2.8
  • Sony FX3 + FE 24-70mm F/2.8
  • Sony A7 IV + FE 24-70mm F/2.8
  • Nikon Z 6II + Z 24-70mm F/2.8
  • Fujifilm X-T4 + X 16-55mm F/2.8
  • Panasonic GH6 + M4/3 12-60 mm F/2.8-4.0

Check here for the full list of DJI RS3 compatible cameras and lenses.

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DJI RS3 Gimbal: Top 5 Features | D1 Lounge

Intelligent Modes

Like with just about every product that DJI produces, the DJI RS3 also features a collection of convenient intelligent operating modes designed to make executing your creative vision easier than ever before. These intelligent modes include Motionlapse for capturing dynamic moving timelapse clips, and Track for easy subject tracking.

The RS3 even supports Panorama mode, stitching together nine still images to form a single ultra-wide image that’s packed with detail. These intelligent shooting modes make it easy to capture fun, dynamic content with just the press of a button.

Where to buy the DJI RS3?

The DJI RS3 is available in two variations; the standard DJI RS3 which includes the RS3 gimbal and what you need to get started, and the DJI RS3 Combo which features additional accessories including a focus motor, carrying case and more.

  • DJI RS3 | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Store
  • DJI RS3

DJI RS3 | $799

Reinvented for the modern day creative, the DJI RS3 is an all in one camera stabiliser that provides endless opportunity for creative filmmaking. Supporting 3 KG payloads, vertical shooting and more, you can’t go wrong with RS3!

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  • DJI RS3 Combo | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Store
  • DJI RS3 Combo

DJI RS3 Combo | $999

Get everything included with the standard DJI RS3 along with additional essential accessories all designed to make capturing creative videography easier than ever. Additional accessories include a Briefcase Handle, Focus Motor Kit with gear strips, plus a premium carrying case to store it all.

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DJI RS3 Gimbal: Top 5 Features | D1 Lounge

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