DJI OM5 vs DJI OM4 vs DJI OM3: What’s Different?

At long last, the DJI OM5 is officially here and packed with new, innovative features designed to take your smartphone video to the next level. If you want to know what’s new about the OM5 and how it stacks up compared to previous OSMO Mobile generations, check out this handy comparison guide. 

What’s new about the DJI OM5?

The brand new OM5 is overflowing with fun new features to elevate your smartphone filmmaking skills. The marquee new feature of the OM5 is its new integrated extension rod which offers users new ways to capture creative footage and get the most out of their OSMO Mobile experience. The rod extends up to 215mm and gives you a new way to capture your world. The OM5 is also the smallest, lightest OSMO Mobile yet, making it perfect for everyday carry. 

What’s the difference between each model? 

Just after a breakdown of key specs? Check it out below!




Gimbal Weight




Magnetic Clamp Weight




Payload Weight

230 ± 60g

230 ± 60g

200 ± 30g

Battery Size




Battery Life

6.4 hrs

15 hrs

15 hrs

Handgrip Tripod




Extension Rod





ActiveTrack 4.0

ActiveTrack 3.0

ActiveTrack 3.0





Each generation of OSMO Mobile has brought new changes and improvements to elevate the user experience and make filmmaking more fun. 

The DJI OSMO Mobile 3 first introduced the now-iconic folding design to the Osmo Mobile line-up, revolutionising the way you can create easily on-the-go with simple portrait-landscape swapping, setup and pack-down. 

The DJI OM4 brought magnets to the party and added support for bigger, bulkier phones by significantly improving motor strength. 

Now, the new DJI OM5 introduces an integrated extension rod, allowing you to capture incredible shots from angles never before possible. This feature is exclusive to the OM5 and not available on previous models. 

Both the OM4 and OM5 feature unique magnetic quick-release systems, however, the feature is not present on the OM3. The OM3 also lacks support for larger, heavier phones. 

Features and intelligent shooting modes included in the DJI Mimo app have also improved upon each OSMO Mobile iteration. OM5 now supports old favourites like Timelapse and SpinShot with improved ActiveTrack 4.0 and innovative ShotGuides. 

Which OM is for me?

As the most versatile model yet, the OM5 is best suited for most users, providing an easy-all-one solution that eliminates the need for a traditional selfie stick. 

The new ergonomic design and lighter overall gimbal weight make the OM5 more user-friendly than previous generations, however, it does not have as much battery life as previous iterations. 

If you love vlogging, want to create dynamic TikTok or Instagram Reel content, or just want to capture and share your unique perspective, OM5 is the smartphone gimbal for you. It offers the most creative features and with ShotGuides, operating the OM5 is easy, even if you’re a novice. 

If you plan on using your OSMO Mobile all day long, the OM4/SE is a good option with its long-lasting 2450mAh battery providing up to 15 hours of battery life. However, the larger battery also means that the OM4/SE is heavier and slightly less ergonomic. 

Is the OM5 worth the upgrade?

If you currently own an older OSMO Mobile model and are looking to upgrade, now’s the perfect time! At an RRP of $239, the OM5 is available for the same price as the original RRP of the OM4 with tonnes of extra features. 

Where do I buy the DJI OM5?

The DJI OM5 and associated accessories are available now in-store and online at D1 Store. Order from our online store to get free shipping within Australia. 

Shop from D1 Store and experience local support, service and the best prices. We've got convenient locations around Australia where you can see and experience the products first hand. 

Still got questions?

If you’re still unsure which OSMO Mobile is right for you, simply reach out to our team and we’ll do our best to help. Alternatively, you can visit one of our convenient locations around Australia to try the new OM5 hands-on. 

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