DJI OM4 SE vs DJI OM4: What’s Different

What are some key OM4 SE features?

The new DJI OM4 SE is packed with familiar features in the accompanying DJI Mimo app that make shooting a breeze. Here are some of our favourites:

ActiveTrack 3.0

Easily track your subject with ActiveTrack 3.0 which recognises adults, kids, and even your beloved pets!

CloneMe Pano

This unique feature collates photos to create a stunning panorama featuring your subject in multiple spots!

Gesture Control

Gesture control makes it easy to set the OM4 SE up on its tripod and take a photo hands-free. A simple gesture activates the camera!


Timelapse allows you to create a dynamic clip showing the passage of time. 

240° Pano

This feature helps you take panoramic photos that are much wider than standard smartphones can capture. 

What’s the difference between the models? 

DJI OM 4 SE and DJI OM4 are largely the same when comparing aesthetics and performance, however, the OM4 SE does not include the Magnetic Ring Holder by default. The excluded Magnetic Ring Holder can still be purchased individually here. It should be noted that the appearance of the OM4 SE Magnetic Phone Clamp is also slightly different from that of the OM4 version.  

The major difference between these two models is the pricing. The RRP of the DJI OM4 SE is $159 (AUD), significantly cheaper than the $239 (AUD) RRP of the original DJI OM4. 

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Which OM is for me?

With a drastic price saving and no performance difference, the DJI OM4 SE is the cheapest way to bring cinema-level stabilisation to your smartphone and the clear way to go. If you’re chasing the most bang for your buck, now’s the perfect time to join the OSMO family with the affordable DJI OM4 SE. 

Really want the Magnetic Ring Holder? It can be purchased separately here

Where do I buy the DJI OM4 SE?

Ready to get creative? The DJI OM4 SE is available now online and in-store at D1 Store! Our exclusive OM4 SE Pro Combo includes a custom hard-shelled carry case and is perfect for the OM4 SE when you’re on the go! 

Shop from D1 Store and experience local support, service, and the best prices. We've got convenient locations around Australia where you can see and experience the products first hand. 


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