DJI NEW PRODUCT ALERT - FLY AS YOUR ARE - What could the new product be?

DJI are set to announce their new drone on the 30th of October 2019.

There currently is not a lot of information online however judging from the images, we can see that the new drone will be small and for the masses. 

It would be good to see a smaller light-weight drone that can come under the restrictions of the governments (world wide).

Australia is fortunate in the sense that there currently is no need to register your drone. Other countries such as USA have registration requirements for drones above a certain weight limit and other countries have drone restrictions by weight such as Japan.

Some people on the forums are suggesting a new replacement for the retired Spark mini drone whereas some are predicting the announcement of the Phantom 5. 

Either way, we are all really eager to see what drone is announced and what the prices are!

Stay tuned to our social media and our lounge as we will give you the latest updates as soon as they are released!

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