DJI Mini SE and Mavic Mini Comparison


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With the release of the DJI Mini SE, many have been wondering how it is different to the DJI Mavic Mini and which drone they should purchase as a first drone. 

What exactly is the DJI Mini SE? 

The SE portion stands for Standard Edition in the new DJI Mini SE and combined the internals of the DJI Mavic Mini with the externals of the DJI Mini 2 and all done on a budget to give the cheapest and most bang for your buck drone on the market. 

How do the specifications compare?

Both the DJI Mavic Mini and Mini SE use the same camera, which is a 2.7K 12 MP Sensor that is attached to a 3-axis stabilised camera. This is a very sturdy camera that allows the pilot to maintain buttery smooth footage even when the winds pick-up. 

Speaking about wind, the Mavic Mini only had a wind resistance rating of Level 3 winds whereas the DJI Mini 2 had a rating of Level 5 Winds, which is significantly greater and solves the issue of drifting during winds with the Mavic Mini. 

What hasn't changed is the controller and transmission range where the drone can fly up to 4km through enhanced WiFi. This system is not as reliable as OcuSync, but will provide plenty of range for short flights (which is recommended with the drone size). 

The DJI Mini SE has also changed to be used with the DJI Mini 2 Batteries, instead of the DJI Mavic Mini batteries. These newer batteries are lighter and pack similar punch. This also means that you can potentially upgrade to the DJI Mini 2 in the future without having to buy completely new batteries. 

Why the DJI Mini SE over the Mavic Mini? 

Two things immediately jump out as advantages which are the wind resistance and the price. 

Level 5 wind resistance is a huge improvement over Level 3 and was one of the biggest selling points of the DJI Mini 2. It means you will be able to fly your drone during days of stronger winds and allows you to fly more often. The added benefit is that your drone will be better suited to handle stronger gusts of wind without drifting too far away. 

The pricing of the DJI Mini SE is very competitive with the brand new prices sometimes being cheaper than second hand or clearance prices of the DJI Mavic Mini. The DJI Mini SE Combo retails for $619 whereas the Mavic Mini retailed for $799 with many places selling for $649  $699. 

You may be able to find second hand Mavic Mini for cheaper online, but you will miss out on DJI Manufacturers warranty AND the ability to purchase DJI Care Refresh, which is an absolutely must have for a drone like this. 

How can I buy the DJI Mini SE? 

You can purchase the DJI Mini SE from D1 Store either through their retail outlets or through their online store. D1 offers free shipping with the purchase of the DJI Mini SE and can provide bundle deals if any additional accessories or services were required with the drone.