DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo | Is It Worth It?

When looking to purchase the Mavic Mini, there are two variants that are available for purchase; Mavic Mini Unit and Mavic Mini Fly More Combo. A common question we get asked is "is the Fly More Combo Worth It?", "How much do you save with the Fly More Combo?" and "Is it recommended to buy the Fly More Combo?". In this following articles, we will go through why we strongly recommend buying the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo over the Mavic Mini Unit

The Mavic Mini has become an award winning drone with it's exceptional quality and low price. The Mini represents bang for you buck with an impressive 12MP camera, 30 minute flight time, GPS RTH, QuickShots and an impressive transmission range of up to 4km. At it's price point, there are no other drones that have the specifications of the Mavic Mini, it is a market leader. The Mavic Mini weighs in just under 250 grams, sitting at 249 grams. Whilst Australia currently does not have registration regulation, for other countries that do, this is a big deal as they do not need to be registered. This makes the Mavic Mini one of the best travel drones that are on the market. 

Here is the break down of what you get extra in the box with the Mavic Mini and their individual pricings;

Accessories RRP Pricings Quantity Extra Sub-Total
Intelligent Flight Battery $69 2 $138
Low-noise Propellers $19 2 $38
18W USB Charger $29 1 $29
2 in 1 Charging Hub $59 1 $59
360 Degree Propeller Guards $29 1 $29
Carry Case $49 1 $49

Grand Total $342

From the table above, the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo has an extra $342 worth of extra value which you can obtain for only $200 extra! 

Are these accessories worth it? 

  • Intelligent Flight Battery provides 30 minutes of flight time each. Having spare batteries will help you put your mind to ease and reduce your stress/worry in case you didn't have enough flight time to capture something. This also means you don't need to ration out your battery so you can enjoy the flight of the Mavic Mini

  • Having spare propellers is important for the Mini. If there are any bends in the propellers, this can cause the motors to have an error "motor speed error", therefore they will need replacing. If there are any cracks in the blades as well, they need to be replaced to ensure they do not induce any further cracking. 

  • The 18W charger allows faster charging than typically phone charging bricks that are 10-15w. This is also the recommended charger from DJI that supplies the current amount of A and V to the battery.

  • The 2 in 1 charging hub is more like a 3 in 1 charging hub. You can charge up to three batteries in the hub and it will charge one at a time from the highest charged first (just to ensure you have a fully charged battery). The hub can discharge the batteries and effectively turns the hub into a power bank. You can then charger your phone or remote controller. Once later thing is these charging hubs can store all three batteries. (perfect for travelling). 

  • The 360 degree propeller guards are an important necessity when it comes to flying indoors or around obstacles. The propeller guards cover the entire drone so when you come across a wall, you simply bounce off it and avoid unnecessary damage to the plaster walls. 

  • The carry case allows you to store all the fly more components into the case. When you purchase the unit, you will not have any way to carry the drone

Concluding thoughts 

The Mavic Mini Fly More Combo is a strong buy over the unit.
With the savings, we definitely recommend buying the DJI Care Refresh for Mavic Mini and an SD card to record all the footage! 
There is no built in storage on the Mavic Mini

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