DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo | Is It Worth It?

When looking to purchase the Mavic Air 2, you may have come across the unit and something called "Fly More Combo". A common question we get asked is "Is the Fly More Combo Worth It?" , "Would you buy the fly more combo?", "How much am I saving buying the Fly More Combo". In this article, we will go through why you should consider buying the Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo over the Mavic Air 2 unit

First off, the Mavic Air 2 is DJI's latest drone in 2020 with exceptional flight time, range and image quality. The Mavic Air 2 represents the future direction in where DJI is heading, autonomous drones. The ActiveTrack 3.0 is a huge improvement over the previous generation and it is only going to get better when more drones start using it with side sensors. We have seen the drone dodge and weave around obstacles such as trees whilst flying at speeds up to ~28 km/h. This makes the Mavic Air 2 one of the best travel drones that will provide excellent image and video quality. 

Here is the break down of what you get extra in the box with the Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo and their individual pricings;

Accessories RRP Pricings Quantity Sub-Total
Intelligent Flight Battery $199 2 $398
Low-noise Propellers $19 3 $57
ND Filter Set (16/64/256) $99 1 $99
Battery Charging Hub $99 1 $99
Battery To Power Bank Adapter $31 1 $31
Shoulder Bag $129 1 $129

Grand Total $813

From the table above, the Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo has an extra $813 worth of extra value which you can obtain for less than half that price!
$400 is the difference between the Unit and the Fly More Combo and you will receive $813 worth of extras, meaning you are $413 better off buying the Fly More Combo!

Now you may be wondering, do you need all those extra accessories? are they useful?

  • The Intelligent Flight Battery will provide you with an extra 34 minutes of flight time each, this is perfect for longer flight sessions.
  • Having spare low noise propellers is ideal as if your blades experience any cracking, they need to be replaced immediately. 
  • The ND Filter set is perfect to get long exposure shots or to achieve buttery smooth footage. 
  • The Battery Charging Hub provides ease of convenience, something that is hard to price! 
  • The Battery to Power Bank Adaptor allows you to charge up your remote controller in case it is flat, or even your mobile phone! 
  • The Shoulder Bag allows you to fit everything from the fly more kit into a nice and easy convenient bag. 

With those savings, we definitely recommend buying the DJI Care Refresh for the Mavic Air 2 along with the Mavic Air 2 Car Charger

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