DJI M30T Real-World Test with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

Wondering how DJI Enterprise drone technology is used in real-world emergency scenarios? Take a look at how DJI Matrice series drone solutions are used by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and explore all the ways that public servants are using drones for good.

We would like to acknowledge the traditional lands of the Jinibara people upon which this mock rescue was operated and pay respect to their Elders past, present and future.

This operation was performed in partnership with the fantastic team of civil servants at Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. You can learn more about the amazing ways they impact their community here.

What Did We Do?

The D1 Enterprise team was joined by a select group of QFES members to perform a mock rescue simulation, coordinating both aerial reconnaissance measures and boots-on-the-ground first responders. This simulation was running using the new DJI Matrice 30T drone and the tried and trustworthy DJI M300 RTK with various payloads.

Operated in the iconic Glass House Mountains in Queensland, this mock rescue was designed to simulate a real-world rescue with a hard-to-reach rescuee situated atop the mountain.

DJI M30T Real-World Test with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services | D1 Lounge

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What did we use?

DJI M30T  

Announced in early 2022, the DJI M30T is the latest and greatest from DJI. An all-in-one enterprise drone solution, the M30T was paired with DJI FlightHub 2 to provide aerial imaging and reconnaissance for this rescue mission. Using the new accompanying DJI RC Plus, the improved FlightHub 2 mission control software was used to actively monitor the ground team’s progress with live streamed visuals direct from drone to operator.

The team made full use of the M30T with its integrated multi-camera payload system that’s ideal for emergency response scenarios where time is of the essence.

As seen in the video, the M30T’s thermal imaging sensor and low-light optimised RGB cameras were used to identify team and subjects from afar, and showcased ease of use in potential nighttime scenarios. This was also aided by the M30T’s powerful zoom camera, capable of zoom up to 405mm.

FlightHub 2
The rescue simulation took full advantage of the new and improved features of DJI’s FlightHub 2 control system.

The first responders were tracked with ease using the intelligent SmartTrack feature on the M30T, allowing the M30T to automatically track and follow the team as they proceeded up the mountain. This feature eliminates the need for complex piloting and camera movement, reducing stress in emergency scenarios.

FlightHub 2 also allowed the aerial team to quickly gain knowledge and understanding of the environment to help make safe, informed decisions. Providing live camera feed, GPS mapping, aerial condition information and more, the information provided by FlightHub 2 was used to help the team safely and effectively navigate the mountainside.

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DJI M30T Real-World Test with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services | D1 Lounge

DJI Matrice 300 RTK  

The DJI Matrice 300 RTK is DJI’s flagship RPAS solution, offering endless possibilities for applications in enterprise and emergency service applications. In this emergency simulation, the Matrice 300 RTK was outfitted with two primary payloads, the ChengZhi GL 60+ Spotlight and the ChengZhi TH4 Dropper.

ChengZhi GL 60+ Spotlight

The perfect companion for rescue scenarios at night and in low-light environments, the GL 60+ Spotlight is a high-power gimbal spotlight designed to integrate seamlessly with the DJI Matrice 300 RTK. The GL60+ features an effective irradiation distance of 150 and brightness of 13,400 lumens, ideal for lighting dangerous areas without putting the M300 drone at risk.

In this rescue scenario the GL60+ was used to quickly and effectively identify subjects on the ground. This aided subject identification and tracking, illuminating large portions of the mountainside to aid rescuers with greater visibility.

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DJI M30T Real-World Test with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services | D1 Lounge

ChengZhi TH4 Dropper

Equipped to the DJI M300 RTK, the ChengZhi TH4 Dropper can be used to deliver resources and supplies to hard to reach places.

When used in the mock rescue scenario, the TH4 was used to efficiently deliver emergency supplies to the rescuee in mere minutes, erasing what would otherwise be a minimum 45-minute hike up the mountain. The TH4 severely outperforms traditional land-based resource delivery methods, removing limitations like time, weight and human travel to deliver resources. In this scenario, the TH4 could easily deliver multiple payloads worth of supplies before a single land-based delivery arrives.

Wrap Up

We’d like to thank Queensland Fire and Emergency Services once again for their contribution and involvement in this real-world test and look forward to seeing them continue to use drones for good in the community.

The Mini 3 Pro is available in two configurations; the DJI Mini 3 Pro with DJI RC-N1 remote controller, or the DJI Mini 3 Pro with the new DJI RC controller with a built-in touchscreen display.

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DJI M30T Real-World Test with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services | D1 Lounge

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