DJI Goggles Video Guides

1. Before using the Goggles, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need to get started. Learn what’s included inside the box with this helpful video.

2. To get the most out of what the Goggles can offer, it is best to have the most up to date firmware which can include stability and feature enhancements. Learn the process of upgrading firmware with this helpful video.

3. It’s important to configure the Goggles specifically for your head and field of view. Learn how to optimize your flight experience with this helpful video.

4. With new features like Headtracking, flying with the Goggles is a brand new, awe-inspiring experience. Learn how to use Goggles safely along with a DJI drone in this helpful video.

5. Popular Intelligent Features like TapFly and Terrain Follow are all available for use with the Goggles as well as the new feature Fixed Wing Mode. Learn how to access and use all of the Goggles’ Intelligent Features in this helpful video.

6. Along with the DJI GO app, the DJI Goggles add a second screen to any flight, which means a friend can share in the experience. Learn the different ways you can fly with a friend in this helpful video.