DJI Goggles Integra: Integrated, Ergonomic + Budget-Friendly

A surprise new FPV release from DJI? Say less! The all-new DJI Goggles Integra have just landed in Australia and bring with them a fresh and exciting new way to experience the freedom of FPV flying. Let’s dive in and explore what these new goggles have to offer.

What are the DJI Goggles Integra?

The latest DJI FPV headset offering from DJI, the new DJI Goggles Integra shares many similarities with the flagship DJI Goggles 2 with a few fun twists to make them unique and help provide an excellent FPV experience. These new Goggles offer aspiring FPV pilots a new accessible entry-point into the expansive world of FPV and streamlines a variety of features for greater overall functionality.

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DJI Goggles Integra: Integrated, Ergonomic + Budget-Friendly | D1 Lounge

DJI Goggles Integra: Key Features

Full HD Micro-OLED Displays

Just like the flagship DJI Goggles 2, the DJI Goggles Integra provide you with the best possible viewing experience with twin full HD micro-OLED displays. Not only do these displays deliver live camera feed in 1080p, they also do so with a rapid refresh rate of 100 Hz and peak brightness of 700 nits. This helps ensure that you’ve got the best possible live video feed from your drone to help you react quickly when piloting and frame your shots the way you want.

As an added plus, these advanced displays also have a TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification, helping protect your eyes during longer flight sessions.

Integrated Battery

This feature is where the DJI Goggles Integra gets its name.
Integrated battery… integrated… integra… get it?!

Regardless of how well (or poorly) you think the Goggles Integra are named, they feature a fully integrated battery head strap design. This replaces the traditional loose battery pack which sits in the pilot’s pocket and powers the headset via a cable.

Why the change? This new design streamlines your piloting experience by eliminating the dangling power cable of other FPV headsets - a massive pet peeve for many FPV pilots. While this does add weight to the overall goggles headset, by placing the battery compartment at the rear of the goggles head strap, weight is more evenly distributed across the wearer’s head.

O3+ Video Transmission

Just like the majority of drone-related products in the DJI range, DJI Goggles Integra makes use of the industry-leading DJI O3+ video transmission technology. This advanced transmission protocol utilises 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz radio frequencies to deliver fast, accurate and high-quality video from the DJI Avata drone to the DJI Goggles Integra. The best part? It does this all with minimal end-to-end latency as low as 30 ms and can support transmission distances as far as 10KM!

Head Tracking

This is perhaps the most fun feature found on the DJI Goggles Integra; head tracking! That’s right, when paired with the DJI Avata drone, the gyroscope built into the DJI Goggles Integra can actually be used to control the movements of the Avata drone! Want to pan left? Simply look left! Want to pan right? Just look right! Head tracking is unlike anything you’ve experienced before and it's a whole lot of fun!

Cool + Comfortable

As a wearable device, it's important that your FPV headset remains comfortable during use. That’s why the DJI Goggles Integra features soft foam padding across the front and rear sections of the Goggles. Two large air vents at the front of the Goggles help maintain airflow to ensure that your Goggles experience is cool and pleasant.

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DJI Goggles Integra: Integrated, Ergonomic + Budget-Friendly | D1 Lounge

DJI Goggles Integra: Drone Compatibility

At this point in time, the DJI Goggles Integra is only compatible with the DJI Avata drone which may disappoint some DJI fans. However, Goggles Integra is also compatible with the DJI O3 Air Unit, DJI’s premier FPV camera module kit designed for custom-build FPV pilots. This means that if you’re not a fan of the Avata but still want to fly using the DJI Goggles Integra, you can simply pair the goggles with your own FPV build and get flying!

Just like you, we’re hoping that DJI rolls out further drone compatibility in the coming future via firmware updates, but unfortunately, nothing is certain. We might be dreaming, but how cool would it be to fly a DJI Mini 3 Pro with the Goggles Integra?!

DJI Goggles Integra: Integrated, Ergonomic + Budget-Friendly | D1 Lounge

Where to Buy DJI Goggles Integra in Australia

Ready for take-off? The DJI Goggles Integra are available to purchase in-store and online now at D1 Store - Australia’s First and Only DJI Authorised Retailer.

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  • DJI Goggles Integra

DJI Goggles Integra | $869

The brand new DJI Goggles Integra feature HD micro-OLED
displays, a comfortable fit and integrated battery for easy viewing. With a more balanced design and lack of a dangling cable, these goggles are great for pilots looking for a fuss-free flying experience.

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DJI Goggles Integra: Integrated, Ergonomic + Budget-Friendly | D1 Lounge

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The new DJI Goggles Integra are available now in-store and online at D1 Store! Purchase online and receive free shipping in Australia for all orders over $99!

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