DJI FlyCart: 5 Unique Use Cases

What is the DJI FlyCart 30?

The new DJI FlyCart 30 has arrived, and it's ready to revolutionise the future of deliveries. A delivery drone with a colossal payload capacity, expansive range of operations and highly intelligent features, it's engineered to combat challenges that are synonymous with traditional delivery systems.

The FlyCart 30 adopts a 4 axis - 8 blade flight setup with an interchangeable payload system which allows for operation in 2 ways. The default Cargo Mode supports a 70L container for supplies whilst Winch Mode can be engaged using the FC30 Winch Kit for remote deliveries with a 20m cable and auto-release. This versatility, paired with a 16km max flight distance make the FlyCart 30 the perfect solution for a wide range of delivery and logistics operations.

DJI FlyCart 30: Key Features

Long Range Heavy Payload Capacity
An impressive payload pulling power of 30kg with dual batteries and 40kg with single battery. And extensive flight range of 28 km with no load and 16km with 30kg load.

Operational Safety
An array of redundancies and safety mechanisms such as Intelligent Obstacle Sensing, Multi Level Redundancy and Landing Protection, mean FlyCart 30 will always return from its mission safely.

Operational Versatility
With both Cargo and Winch modes, FlyCart 30 always has the right tool for the job.

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What Can the DJI FlyCart 30 Do?

There are a plethora of benefits of using a delivery drone such as the FlyCart 30. It greatly increases operational efficiency and can in turn guarantee a reduction in costs for the user. This notion can be further compounded in operations that see multiple FlyCarts operating in sync. A herd of FlyCart’s can take over the heavy lifting of a whole team of people, creating everyday efficiencies within organisations that have never before been possible, while simultaneously reducing exposure to dangerous working environments. This makes them a valuable asset to many different industries and applications. Let’s take a look.

Disaster Relief

As a result of natural disasters such as floods and cyclones, means of traditional transport are often rendered useless as access to certain areas is completely wiped out. Be it roads under flood water or landslides, or bridges completely washed away. In these events access can be impossible for days or even weeks. During scenarios like this, FlyCart 30 can prove invaluable, as it bypasses roads, and is able to quickly deliver emergency supplies such as food, water and medical aid to areas that have been cut off.

Thanks to Winch mode, it is possible to make a supply drop no matter the environment, even where there is no safe place for the drone to land. If a whole fleet of FlyCarts were to be deployed in unison, relief to entire communities could be provided in hours instead of the days or weeks that traditional methods can take. This is just one of many examples of the FlyCart having the ability to change and even save lives in our communities.

Medical Courier Services

FlyCart 30 is also ready to change extreme high priority transport for the better. The delivery of medical supplies such as medications, vaccines, defibrillators, blood and even organs is a crucial and often life saving operation. Current systems see these deliveries often reserved for emergency service vehicles and even helicopters. FlyCart 30 would be a much cheaper and efficient solution, able to instantaneously transport these critical packages between hospitals, medical centres and research facilities directly to those who need it most.

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Offshore Transport

Transport over water has historically been a headache due to its obvious limitations. Deliveries such as supplies from the shore to ships or offshore infrastructure have usually been executed by the way of supply boat or helicopter. These are more often than not very expensive and infrequent.

The FlyCart 30 opens up new possibilities, eliminating slow response times and the high costs involved. The user can take advantage of Winch mode, which is perfect for making drops onto smaller vessels or hard to reach areas. Whether it's stationed onshore at a port, or onboard a ship itself, FlyCart 30 can help to save fuel costs and wasted time sitting in harbours resulting in an incomparable level of efficiency to other current solutions.

Streamlined Drone Operations

Thanks to the wide range of capabilities the FlyCart 30 has to offer, operations that are already utilising the power of drones can be further streamlined. In a search and rescue scenario, FlyCart 30 can allow emergency response personnel to get to the site quicker, as they don’t need to carry heavy packs containing supplies. The FlyCart 30 can simply meet them at the site of the incident and drop whatever they need with the winch system.

The only other way this would be possible is with a smaller drone with third party attachments. A setup such as this dramatically affects the performance of the drone (i.e. flight time/battery life) and could never compete with the FlyCart 30’s heavy payload capabilities, making it a potentially life saving single-drone solution.

E-Commerce & Retail

With eCommerce still booming across the globe, innovation is bursting at the seams of the industry. In such a fast paced business landscape, consumers are wanting more and wanting it now. The FlyCart 30 offers capabilities that completely change what is possible for online retailers. With a range long enough to easily cross cities and suburbs, FlyCart 30 would allow retailers to offer premium services such as instant delivery, providing next level efficiency and top tier customer service.

DJI FlyCart 30 in Summary

The FlyCart 30 is at the forefront of a new age in delivery and logistics. Transforming what was once exclusive to science fiction into real world practical applications. As shown above, many organisations and entire industries will be able to reap the rewards from the tangible benefits FlyCart 30 can provide. It is set to not only change day to day operations, but also help to save peoples lives.

DJI FlyCart 30

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