DJI EOFY Sale 2021

The end of the financial year is upon us yet again after another fast passing year. Over the last financial year, we saw the release of the DJI Mini 2, DJI RS2, DJI RSC2, DJI Air 2S and the highly anticipated DJI FPV. 

This EOFY, save up to $40 on the DJI OM4, Osmo Mobile 4. 

The DJI OM4 is a handheld gimbal that is perfect for families, creators and marketing departments to up their game on smart phone videos. Gone are the days of shaky and unwatchable videos. With the OM4, you can instantly switch between portrait and landscape mode, perfect for TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. You can edit your videos straight in the DJI Mimo application along with sharing or live streaming. 

In the DJI Osmo Mobile 4, you will get two types of magnetic mounting systems, where one is a ring holder and the other is a normal clamp style mechanism. The ring holder will attach to the rear of your phone and will serve not only mount to the OM4 but will also simply act as a ring holder. The magnetic clamp is very straightforward and will just clamp over your phone (you may need to remove any large cases for it to fit/grip). 

Furthermore, you will also get a grip tripod along, storage pouch for the DJI OM4, power cable (USB Type-C) and the wrist strap which is perfect for ensuring you don’t drop the unit as you film. 

If you are looking to get the OM4, there are two accessories to consider with your purchase. There are the DJI OM4 Carrying Case and the DJI Care Refresh. 

The DJI Care Refresh is a great $18 addition to the DJI OM4, where in the event of damaging the DJI OM4, you are able to obtain a replacement for a small service fee. The first fee for replacement is $15 whilst the second fee is $19. All you simply need to do is return the damaged DJI OM4 to the service centre and they will provide a replacement unit to you. 

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After hearing feedback from our customers, we created our own bundles of the newly released products that include all the accessories and components you need to ensure you have the best experience and use the drone to its maximum potential. 

DJI Air 2S Pro Combo

The DJI Air 2S Pro Combo is an excellent way to get more bang for your buck. In this Pro Combo, you will receive the standard DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo, the PGYTECH Mavic Air 2 Safety Carrying Case (this will fit the full fly more combo along with the DJI Smart Controller is you choose to upgrade to that controller), DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller Hood, Samsung 128GB SD Card, PGYTECH Landing Gear Extensions and finally a 75cm Landing Pad for drones. 

The Landing pad is especially useful for more precise return to home. What essentially happens is the drone will record an image from a set height and will try to match it when returning to home or landing. Having a landing pad provides a form of contrast to the ground to help match whereas. Without the landing pad, the return to home can have inaccuracies up to 2m whereas the landing pad really slims them down to just the size of the landing pad. 

Further, the safety carrying case is a better option for most compared to the shoulder carrying bag in the standard combo. Not only is the case shockproof, waterproof, it is also far more durable than the zipper based shoulder bag. 

The other accessories add to the overall experience of the product, these include the DJI RC-N1 Monitor Hood (which provides shade on the screen so you can see where you are flying), the 128GB SD card (which is a very generous amount of storage) and the PGYTECH Landing Gear extensions. \

DJI FPV Pro Combo 

The DJI FPV Pro Combo is a fantastic way to get the most out of your drone with 2 extra batteries (compared to the standard combo), charging hub, 75cm landing pad for drones and a 128GB Samsung Micro SD Card. 

With only 21 minutes of flight time with each battery, having 2 extra is a great way to extend the enjoyment and continue zooming through the sky. Furthermore, the charging hub is one of the most convenient ways to charge all three batteries where it will go through sequentially to make sure all the batteries are fully charged and ready to go. 

The Pro Combo has been rated as the best way to get the most out of the DJI FPV drone by our customers. 

If you are going to purchase this combo, we also recommend looking at the DJI Care Refresh for the DJI FPV drone as statistically, there have been more crashes with the DJI FPV drone than any other DJI Drone. This is due to the limited obstacle avoidance and the speed the drone is able to be flying. 

The DJI FPV care refresh offers 2 replacements within 12 months where the first replacement fee is $419 and the second replacement fee is $469. Essentially what happens is, once you have crashed your drone and retrieved it, you will simply need to send it to the DJI service centre and pay the excess fee and your drone will be replaced with one in a working condition! This is a great, hassle free way to add a layer of security to your drone flying. 

DJI Mini 2 Pro Combo 

The DJI Mini 2 Pro Combo  is the best way to get the maximum experience out of the DJI Mini 2. Along with the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo, bundled in is the PGYTECH Lens Hood, Landing Gear Extensions, DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller Monitor Hood, Extra set of Mini 2 Propellers and a 128GB SD Card.

In total, you will receive three batteries, each providing 31 minutes of flight time, 2 way charging hub, propeller holders, shoulder carry bag, extra blades and a power adapter. The Fly More Combo is a great combo, but the pro combo adds to the overall drone flying experience and makes it more positive for only $50 more than the standard Fly More Combo.

The DJI RC-N1 Remote Control Monitor Hood is perfect for outdoor flying and ensures the pilot can see the screen with ease. This is really helpful during sunny days where sometimes you cannot see the screen at all. Additionally, the extra set of propellers help in the event the drone blades are bent and finally, the 128GB SD Card is perfect for storing all the your 4K videos and 12MP RAW photos.

The SD card is actually very important for the DJI Mini 2 where if there is no SD Card inserted, the drone will loose out on a few of its smart features, especially quick shots. Therefore it is very important to have an SD Card in your drone to get the maximum out of your drone.

If you are looking at getting the DJI Mini 2 Pro Combo, we highly recommend having a look at the DJI Care Refresh insurance, where this programs covers for you either 12 or 24 months. Essentially this service will allow you to claim a replacement drone in the event of an accident for a small excess fee if you have the drone and a large excess fee if you are unable to retrieve the drone. In the 12 month plan, the first fee is $79 with the second being $89. If you are unable to retrieve the drone, the flyaway excess fee is $379 and will cover a replacement drone provided this flyaway coverage is bound to your drone.

Just after the cheapest price? 

If you are just after the cheapest price with no frills, we are more than happy to accommodate. The best ways to secure yourself a deal is the following; Our friendly team will provide you with the best price along with our current deals we have on the products. We also provide a price matching service which you can make use of, simply follow the above steps to get in contact with us and our team will help you from there!