DJI Easter Sale 2020

Easter is just around the corner and DJI have launched their Easter Sale for 2020! 

This time around, the sales are even better than the Christmas sale with further reductions on the sales prices, making it a perfect time and opportunity to buy these products! 

Mavic 2 Pro

Now $2199 Was $2499 

This is our cheapest advertised price ever for the Mavic 2 Pro! 

If you are wanting the best fold-able drone on the market, this is the perfect drone to get. You get the iconic Hasselblad image quality, which is genuinely superb compared to the market. Straight out of the drone, the colors are accurate and the dynamic range is stunning for both videos and photos. 

If you are not a photographer or are not fussed with the image quality, the Mavic 2 Pro still has plenty of offer. With the ActiveTrack 2.0, you can get the drone to follow you as you drive, walk, ride or sail along! Furthermore you will be more confident when flying the drone with it's omnidirectional obstacle sensing and the improved APAS system where the drone will actually actively avoid flying into obstacles. If you want to show off to your friends, you can easily do this with quickshots where the drone will fly a pre-programmed path centering on you, the subject, and record. The pre-programmed shots are fairly advanced and mimic something you would see out of a Hollywood blockbuster! 

Osmo Action

Now $369 Was $499 

This is our cheapest advertised price ever for the Osmo Action!

This is the perfect first action camera that will last you for years as this is one of the best all rounder action camera that provides users with the durability of a typical action camera but the flexibility of a vlogging camera. The Action was designed for the outdoors with an operating temperature range of -10 to 40 degrees, which is perfect for your action adventures. If the action part doesn't concern you, you can utilise the high quality video of the action to create captivating vlogs. Furthermore you can use an adapter to attach a microphone to get even higher quality audio to your videos. With the ability to shoot 4K at 60 FPS, the action is a truly capable all in one device. With an impressive thermal design, the action keeps itself nice and cool when recording for a long time. With the de-warp feature, the action camera wide angle lens style is reduced and instead gives a rather normal, cinematic frame. 

Mavic Air Fly More Combo

Now $1199 Was $1599 

This is our cheapest advertised price ever for the Mavic Air Fly More Combo!

The Mavic Air is the perfect travelling companion. With a 21 minute flight time, 4K video and a weight of under 500g, this is the perfect travelling drone. With obstacle sensing on the front and the rear, this is a perfect beginner drone and super friendly to fly. You get all the current smart features as well such as Quickshots and Activetrack. Furthermore the fly more combo gives you all the extras you need such as 3 batteries, shoulder carrying bag, charging hub, propeller guards and a battery to powerbank adapter. The Mavic Air is also the cheapest drone in DJI's latest line-up that shoots RAW photos, making it a great step to get into aeriel photography! 

Osmo Pocket

Now $499 Was $599 

The Osmo Pocket has revolutionized the pocket cinema company with it's 3 axis stabilized 4K 60 FPS camera with the ability to shoot 12MP RAW photos. Furthermore the Osmo Pocket has intelligent modes such as ActiveTrack, panorama and slow motion video capture. The Active Track is really impressive and a very popular solution for when talking to the camera. It is perfect for also capturing other objects such as people, cars and buildings. With the Cinelike-D colour profile, you are able to grade the footage to match your style. There is an expansive range of accessories you can get with the Osmo Pocket so you can attach a microphone, extension pole, wireless adapter and an accessory mount to match your needs. If you need help finding which accessories will suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us through our livechat or our phone lines. 

Osmo Mobile 3 Combo

Now $169 Was $189 

If you are looking for a phone stabliser, look no further than the Osmo Mobile 3 Combo. The 3 axis gimbal will effectively reduce ths amount of shake in your footage, which makes it perfect for recording those special moments. There is nothing worse than sharing shaky footage to a friend or family member. The gimbal has a revolutionary dynamic design that makes carrying the osmo mobile extremely easy especially as it folds down into a nice carry case (that is included in the combo). The grip has also changed to give it a more ergonomic feel with a 15 degree grip angle. When it comes to editing the footage, the Mimo app contains an impressive editing suite that allows you to create captivating videos. With the Active Track 3.0, the gimbal will follow your fast movements and accurately track you even if you become obstructed by an obstacle. You also get equipped with a range of creative modes such as hyperlapse, panorama, timelapse and slow motion. The gimbal is super convenient in how it can quickly change between landscape and portrait mode with a simple touch of a button! 

Ronin-SC Pro Combo

Now $599 Was $709 

Got a mirrorless or compact camera? It is highly recommended to pick up this gimbal to give you creator creative flexibility and smoother footage. Weighing in at only 1.1kg, the SC is super light weight compared to other camera gimbals on the market and offers an impressive 11 hour battery life. The robust build quality speaks for itself and can handle set-ups that are up to 2KG in weight. (this may vary with the lens weight and setup). With the dynamic stability, the gimbal and quickly change in any direction and once in sport mode, the gimbal will follow your fast, sudden movements. Furthermore, you will can access to automated features such as Panorama, Timelapse, Motionlapse and Motion control. Creativity is endless with the gimbal especially with ActiveTrack 3.0 and force mobile. 


Now $129 Was $169 

Feel the fun of the Tello. This impressive little drone is perfect for kids, adults and is an absolute blast to fly. This helps users learn about drones along with coding with scratch! If you are stuck indoors, this is the perfect drone to fly! With a 13 minute flight time, 100m flight distance and a HD transmission, the Tello is the most capable drone for its size and price! With fantastic features such as throw & go, 8D flips and bounce mode, the Tello creates endless fun for you, your family and friends! Futhermore, you can capture incredible 5MP photos at the touch of the button!