DJI Dock 2: One Box, Infinite Possibilities

What is the DJI Dock 2?

As the realm of autonomous technology continues to expand, DJI unveils its latest drone-in-a-box innovation, DJI Dock 2. Engineered to facilitate seamless autonomy of RPAS missions, Dock 2 serves as a charging station and deployment hub for the all new specially designed Matrice 3D Series enterprise drones - Matrice 3D and Matrice 3TD.

Dock 2 eliminates the requirement of a physical on-site drone operator and instead allows missions to be controlled remotely, increasing efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness across a wide range of industries. The design of Dock 2 takes the capabilities of its predecessor and amplifies them in a much more compact and portable unit, immediately combating challenges that users of the original model encountered. Let's take an in-depth look at the new DJI Dock 2.

DJI Dock 2: Key Features

Small Footprint

Dock 2 adopts a much more compact and lightweight design when compared to its predecessor. It is extraordinarily 75% smaller and weighs a mere 35 kg. This is tailored to combat some of the mobility challenges that were apparent with the original model of DJI Dock. A unit this compact opens up a world of operational versatility and general ease of use. It now only requires two people to carry - instead of a forklift - and can fit in the boot of a car or elevator for rooftop access. Easier transport and quicker deployment, now that’s an upgrade!

Software Integration

Dock 2 is fully integrated with DJI FlightHub 2, allowing for highly intelligent cloud based operations. This includes smart features such as Cloud Mapping which generates high precision 3D models based on collected flight data. These models can then be annotated, measured and downloaded. The 3D models can be used to conduct visual flight route editing from a first person perspective, enhancing flight route efficiency and accuracy. FlyTo Tasks also utilises the FlightHub 2 platform and allows the user to simply select the subject, and the aircraft will fly to the specified destination via a safe and efficient route.

Rugged and Reliable

Dock 2 is built with protection in mind. With an IP55 dust and water resistance rating it is designed to withstand the elements and operate in the harshest of environments and climates. In the case of an unexpected power outage the Dock 2 has a built- in battery backup that can keep it going for over five hours. This ensures enough time for the UAV to return home to its dock and land. 

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Matrice 3D Series Overview

In concurrence with the release of the DJI Dock 2, the Matrice 3D Series of enterprise drones are also welcomed to market. Tailored to complement the capabilities of the Dock 2, these enterprise drones are equipped with advanced imaging systems such as a wide angle camera, telephoto camera with 56x hybrid zoom and exclusive to the M3TD, a thermal camera.

They also have an expansive flight radius of 10km and impressive 50 minute flight time. This, combined with their imaging capabilities make the Matrice 3D Series perfect for a wide range of high precision practical applications.

DJI Dock 2: Use Cases

Surveying & Mapping

One of the Matrice 3D’s main features are its high precision cameras. This paired with the Dock 2’s facilitation of autonomous deployment make it a highly useful asset in surveying and mapping of remote areas. This could include mine sites, construction sites or other infrastructure projects.

Security & Inspection

The M3D series drones have an extensive 50 minute max flight time. This can be utilised by organisations to streamline routine security and inspection tasks such as perimeter monitoring, security patrols and infrastructure inspections i.e. wind turbines, pipelines and fences. Automating these tasks dramatically increases efficiency and reduces costs. Furthermore the thermal imaging capabilities of the M3TD make it ideal for operations that involve 24 hour monitoring or other night time situations.

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Public Safety

Another practical application of the Dock 2 and its compatible drones is for public safety. The 56x hybrid zoom capabilities of the M3D series and thermal imagery of the M3TD mean that they can be used in law enforcement, search operations and crime scene investigations. The rapid 45 second deployment time that the Dock 2 offers also allows fast response times when needed.

Emergency Response

This notion of rapid deployment can also make the Dock 2 a crucial tool in emergency response. The 45 second remote launch means that emergency services can get visuals on scenarios faster than ever. The sturdy design of the Dock 2 also means that it is operational in all weather conditions. This makes it a practical solution for land or sea search and rescue missions, fire response and other disaster assessments.

How Does DJI Dock 2 Compare to the Original DJI Dock?

The Dock 2 adopts a smaller and more portable design compared to its predecessor with a 75% smaller unit size - weighing only 34kg. Dock 2 is also more cost effective with lower hardware, deployment and maintenance costs whilst also boasting a larger flight radius, extended flight time, improved transmission system and its own range of ultra capable drones.

DJI Dock 2 in Summary

The DJI Dock 2 represents a significant leap forward in autonomous drone operations, offering seamless integration with the Matrice 3D Series enterprise drones and empowering users across an array of industries. With its advanced features and rugged design, the Dock 2 streamlines RPAS mission workflows, enhances operational efficiency and unlocks new possibilities for aerial data collection. As the demand for autonomous solutions continues to grow, the DJI Dock 2 emerges as a pivotal tool for organisations aiming to harness the power of drone technology.

DJI Dock 2

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