Budget DJI Drone Gift Guide for the 2021 Holidays

The holidays are here! Avoid the stress and panic of last-minute gift shopping these holidays with our handy budget DJI drone gift guide. We’ve got gifts for your favourite drone enthusiasts at all price points, from under $30 to $250 to fit your budget. Check it out!

$30 and under

  • 75cm Drone Landing Pad | D1 Store
  • 75cm Landing Pad

Drone Landing Pad | $22 was $49

Make every flight a safe one with the D1 Drone Landing Pad! This compact folding landing pad is ideal for the drone pilot in your life, and can be used to protect the bottom of their drone from dust and debris and enhance Return-to-Home functionality.
  • PGYTECH Lenspen | D1 Store
  • PGYTECH Lenspen

Lenspen | $29

Make sure your drone or camera lens is always in tip-top condition with the PGYTECH Lenspen. This aluminium-build lenspen helps you achieve professional-level care for your delicate camera lens in a compact package.

$50 and under

  • Drone Pilot Gift Pack | D1 Store
  • Drone Pilot Gift Pack
  • Exclusive to D1 Store

Drone Pilot Gift Pack | $50 was $124

Not sure what to get for the special drone pilot in your life? You can’t go wrong with D1 Store’s exclusive Drone Pilot Gift Pack, a collection of drone accessories that are bound to bring a smile to the face of any drone pilot.
Includes: x1 Landing Pad, x1 LiPO Safety Bag, x1 DJI Drone Lanyard

  • Samsung 128GB SD Card | D1 Store
  • Samsung 128GB SD Card

Samsung 128GB SD Card | $36 was $59

Give the gift of storage with the Samsung SDXC EVO Plus 128GB SD Card that’s compatible with almost all DJI drones. These high-speed micro SD cards allow pilots to capture hundreds upon hundreds of high-quality RAW images alongside hours of stunning aerial footage. It’s the ideal card for any drone.
  • PGYTECH Mavic Pad Holder | D1 Store
  • PGYTECH Mavic Pad Holder

Mavic Pad Holder | $34 was $49

Help your favourite pilot fly in a whole new way with the Mavic Pad Holder, allowing them to integrate their favourite tablet into their flight setup. By flying with a tablet they’ll experience a whole new perspective of the skies, with a larger display than ever before!

$100 and under

  • DJI Mini Bag + | D1 Store
  • DJI Mini Bag +

DJI Mini Bag + | $59

With a lightweight, portable design, the DJI Mini Bag+ is designed for DJI Mini-series drones and can also be used to fit a small drone and accessories. But that’s not all, with its spacious back compartment, the bag can also be used to carry other gadgets like Osmo series cameras and more!
  • Drone Pilot Essentials Kit | D1 Store
  • Drone Pilot
  • Essentials Kit
  • Exclusive to D1 Store

Drone Pilot Essentials Kit | $100 was $165

Never get caught off-guard again with the DJI Drone Pilot Essentials Kit which includes all those little accessories that make your flight experience that little bit smoother come flight day.
Includes: x1 Landing Pad, x1 LiPO Safety Bag, x1 DJI Drone Lanyard, x1 128GB SD Card, x1 Lenspen, x1 Memory Card Wallet, x1 Lens Cloth

  • D1 Multifunctional Backpack | D1 Store
  • D1 Multifunctional Backpack
  • Exclusive to D1 Store

D1 Multifunctional Backpack | $169

Know someone who’s already got it all? Treat them to an ultra-handy D1 Multifunctional Backpack to help them store their gear on the go.
The multifunctional backpack features a variety of small internal compartments and is suitable for use with drones, accessories, laptops and more! It’s the perfect way to carry gear when on the move.

$250 and under

  • Tello | D1 Store
  • Tello Drone

Tello | $169

Shopping for a first time flyer? Surprise them with a Tello drone this holiday season! Perfect for beginners, the Tello is a small drone that’s packed full of fun features including 8D flips, stunts and more! When it’s time to take photos, you can produce awesome images with pre-programmed EZ shots.
  • Drone Pilot Deluxe Gift Pack | D1 Store
  • Drone Pilot
  • Deluxe Gift Pack
  • Exclusive to D1 Store

Drone Pilot Deluxe Gift Pack | $150 was $334

Spoil your favourite drone pilot with the Drone Pilot Deluxe Gift pack that comes with all the essentials for any drone pilot including a landing pad, SD card, safety accessories and more, plus a versatile D1 Multifunctional Backpack normally valued at $169!
Includes: x1 Landing Pad, x1 LiPO Safety Bag, x1 DJI Drone Lanyard, x1 128GB SD Card, x1 Lenspen, x1 Memory Card Wallet, x1 Lens Cloth, x1 D1 Multifunctional Backpack
  • DJI OM5 | D1 Store
  • DJI OM5
  • Athens Grey

DJI OM5 | $239

Alright... we admit, this one's not for a drone, but we still think the DJI OM5 smartphone gimbal is a great gift for your video-loving loved ones this holiday season. 
The DJI OM5 features a built-in 215mm extension rod and is compatible with most smartphones. It's a smartphone stabiliser, tripod and selfie stick all in one!

Still can't decide?

  • D1 Store Gift Card | D1 Store
  • D1 Store Gift Card

D1 Store Gift Card | $20 / $50 / $100 / Custom

Can’t decide what to get your loved ones this holiday season? Let them decide with a D1 Store gift card that’s valid across our entire range of DJI drones, cameras and accessories!

Holiday Shipping

With the holidays right around the corner, make sure you receive all of your gifts on time by purchasing before our courier cut-off dates. Find out when you need to purchase your gifts these holidays by viewing our holiday shipping guide here: D1 Holiday Shipping Dates

Shop with Confidence

All gifts listed are available now in-store and online at D1 Store. Order online to receive free shipping within Australia for orders over $99. Shop from D1 Store and experience local support, service and the best prices. We've got convenient locations around Australia where you can see and experience the products first hand.

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