A Twist in the Plot: New DJI Product Coming Soon?

The new product has arrived! Learn more about the new DJI Mini 3 Pro here.

The fun never ends when you’re a DJI fan! DJI is up to their old tricks again, dropping a vague new teaser for a product release via social media. Keep reading to stay up to date with everything that we know.

A Twist in the Plot: New DJI Product Coming Soon? | D1 Lounge

What Do We Know?

In keeping with tradition, DJI is remaining tight-lipped about this upcoming announcement, giving away little more than the title and time of the announcement. What we do know is that its product release season, which is more than enough reason to get excited!

This new event, titled A Twist in the Plot appears to be a consumer-focused event that could bring us a brand new drone or addition to the famed OSMO line if online speculation is to be believed.

Some key things to note are DJI’s product release cycles. Whilst the Mavic and Air drone lines have both received updates in the last twelve months, the popular Mini series has not seen a new upgrade since late 2020. Additionally, the DJI Pocket line and Ronin camera gimbals have not received updates since late 2020, perhaps it's time for a refresh? We’ll find out on May 10!

What new product do you think is coming? Let us know in the comments below!

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A Twist in the Plot: New DJI Product Coming Soon? | D1 Lounge

Where Can I Learn More?

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