A Closer Look at the New Mavic Pro Platinum

DJI has released the new Mavic Pro Platinum.  You probably have many questions about this new product. For example, how does the Mavic Pro Platinum surpass the classic Mavic Pro? Will it be easier to use? What about the camera? So without hesitation, let us take a closer look at the Mavic Pro Platinum and answer all your questions.

Mavic Pro Platinum on the Road

Mavic Pro Platinum VS Mavic Pro: The Differences


The Mavic Pro Platinum comes in a chic platinum colour. In comparison with the Mavic Pro, it can fly longer and quieter, giving you a greater flying experience.

Mavic Pro Platinum & Mavic Pro Propeller Comparison


Decibel Level

The newly designed ESCs apply the FOC (Field Oriented Control) technology with a sine wave drive. With the new FOC technology and dedicated 8331 noise reduction propellers, the decibel level of the Mavic Pro Platinum is decreased. In the outdoor testing, we found that the Mavic Pro Platinum could fly relatively quietly as its noise power was 60% lower than the Mavic Pros.

Mavic Pro Platinum Decibel Test
(Mavic Pro Platinum's Decibel Level Within 1 Meter)
Mavic Pro Decibel Test
(Mavic Pro's Decibel Level Within 1 Meter)

Operating Efficiency

The overall operating efficiency of the Mavic Pro Platinum is also increased. We flew the Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum in the same scenario. It turned out that the Mavic Pro Platinum could fly up to 30 minutes (at a constant speed of 25 km/h without winds) thanks to its improved propulsion system, which is 3 minutes longer than the maximum flight time of the Mavic Pro. Using the OcuSync HD image transmission technology allows the Mavic Pro Platinum offers a maximum transmission distance of 7 km (FCC compliant, free of interference) and a real-time 1080p preview, making your flight even more fun.

Mavic Pro Platinum Flying

Mavic Pro Platinum VS Mavic Pro: What's the Same? 

Obstacle Avoidance

The Mavic Pro Platinum shares the same Forward Vision System and Downward Vision System as the Mavic Pro. When encountering obstacles (with clear patterns and sufficient lightings) in front of it, the aircraft will hover automatically to avoid any accidents. The Downward Vision System allows the aircraft to hover accurately when flying indoors or in places (with clear patterns and sufficient lightings) where there is no GPS signal.

Mavic Pro Platinum and Mavic Pro Flying


Smallest Three-axis  Gimble

The Mavic Pro Platinum is equipped with DJI's smallest three-axis stabilized gimbal, so you can have a stable and smooth shooting effect. Its professional motion camera can capture C4K videos and 12 M pixels RAW or JPEG images. With a 28 mm f/2.2 lens and 8 seconds exposure time, you can record anything you like anytime.

Mavic Pro Platinum Flying


With foldable propellers, it is so easy to carry the Mavic Pro Platinum everywhere. The size of the folded aircraft is 83x83x198 mm and the weight is 734 g, making it small enough to take everywhere. This small drone effortlessly turns the sky into your creative canvas.

Mavic Pro Platinum 

Mavic Pro Platinum FAQ

What are the main differences between the Mavic Pro Platinum and Mavic Pro?

  • The maximum flight time of the Mavic Pro Platinum is extended to 30 minutes and the maximum hovering time is 27 minutes.
  • The decibel level is reduced by 4 dB (60% noise power reduction) when it is within 1 m from the aircraft.
  • The Mavic Pro Platinum inherits all the functions of the Mavic Pro.

Can the Mavic Pro Platinum's battery be used with the Mavic Pro?

  • Yes

Is the noise reduction effect the same as in S mode, P mode, and Tripod mode?

  • Yes

Does the folding mechanism wear out and will it need replacing?

  • The folding mechanism has been tested to last at least 5000 folds. It is unlikely that it will wear out during the Mavic Pro Platinum's lifetime.

Is the Mavic Pro Platinum waterproof?

  • No. As the Mavic Pro Platinum chassis is low to the ground, only take off and land in suitable areas that are flat and free of puddles.

What's the size of the smartphones that can be mounted to the remote controller?

  • The remote controller can fit the smartphones between 6.5-8.5mm thick and up to 160mm long, without a phone case. Phones and tablets larger than this do not fit the remote controller's device holder.

Can I use a regular USB cable to connect the mobile phone and remote controller?

  • Yes, you can insert the regular USB cable to the USB port on the remote controller and connect the cable to the mobile phone. However, for the best user experience, we recommend that you use a dedicated RC (Remote Controller) Cable to connect your phone.

Do the propellers need to be removed when in transit?

  • Just fold the propellers and you are good to go.

What happens if the propellers are not fully unfolded before the flight?

  • Once the rotors start spinning, the centrifugal force will automatically push the propellers into the correct position, so you don't need to worry about not having unfolded them perfectly.