A Beginners Review of the DJI Mini 3 Pro

Purchasing a drone has always been something on my mind for a very long time. As someone who usually dreams of having super flying powers, there's really not much else on the market that can help you achieve this in real life other than getting on an aero plane or purchasing a drone. The latter being more reasonable led me to purchase my first drone ever from the D1 Store. After having my very first flying session over the weekend I thought many fellow first time flyers would appreciate a review of how easy/difficult it is to fly with no experience.

After a comprehensive discussion with the staff at the D1 Store, I conclusively went with the DJI Mini 3 Pro which is the newest member to the Mini Series. Personally I was leaning towards getting something in the Mini series just for convenience of portation, so this model was perfect for me as the aircraft weighed in at under 250grams! On top of that, features and functionality of the aircrafts was not compromised with my decision to opt for a smaller aircraft.

A Beginners Review of the DJI Mini 3 Pro

Control Features

In my opinion the set up and controls were very easy to get a handle on, even for a beginner like myself. I decided to grab the new DJI RC to use with my drone as it comes built-in with a display but options are available to pair with the DJI RC-N1 too, you just need to use your own smartphone for the display. After setting up the connection between the remote and the aircraft, and a quick run-through of how to use the controls I was ready to fly.

So when time came to implement theory into actions, to my surprise, it was just as easy to wrap my head around, so easy that even if I had not watched the tutorial I would still get the gist of how to fly. So after learning how to control the aircraft it was not too difficult to fly the drone a bit further and higher out than where I started off. Then once you’ve got the controls down pat the only thing left is practice and smoothen out the video footage of your adventures.

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Safety Features

What I liked about this drone was also the fact that it had so many safety features incorporated into its design and functionality. This lets me as a first time flyer feel a lot more confident when flying in different environments and settings. The Tri-directional Obstacle Sensing and Advanced Pilot Assistance System 4.0 feature acts like a brain of its own enabling it to autonomously sense and avoid getting hit into literally anything. For beginners like me, this removes a huge stress factor when it comes to maneuvering the aircraft around safely.

During my first flight I found myself so keen on exploring in my area that I completely lost control of my aircraft. Although this was seriously alarming, when it passed the transmittable range that enabled my remote to be connected to the aircraft, by default it activated the Return To Home (RTH) function. This enabled the aircraft to fly back to where it lifted off automatically even while you have no controlled access to your aircraft.

What I did and would recommend for everyone else, not only new flyers is adding a Care Refresh plan to your aircraft so that in the case that the embedded safety features fail you or you fail in piloting the drone, you have a protective service that covers for replacement services for your damaged or lost drone. For an increased sense of security this is great to pair with not only the Mini 3 Pro but with any product you purchase from D1 Store.

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A Beginners Review of the DJI Mini 3 Pro | D1 Lounge

Additional Innovations

Useful for newbies like me, the Mini 3 Pro offers different preset modes like MasterShots and FocusTrack, that enable you to sharpen your content creation skills so you can more easily create professional grade videos with the single tap of a button.

Not Just For Beginners

While the Mini 3 Pro is a great entry level drone for first time flyers, it can also accommodate higher skilled pilots as well. The flying modes can be switched between 3 different modes (Cine, Normal and Sports) for intricate flying settings while still providing you everything you want in terms of support and quality.

A Beginners Review of the DJI Mini 3 Pro | D1 Lounge

A First Timers Verdict

Overall the Mini 3 Pro is super compact and lightweight making it perfect for transportation wherever you go. It has straightforward controls, and is equipped with well thought-out software and hardware features to accommodate even new time flyers.

Now as an official member of the drone flying crew, the next step is to better equip myself with accessories to enhance my flying experience. D1 Store has an abundance of additional accessories that would help you make the most out of every flying session, from additional Flight Batteries to colour enhancing ND Filters the benefits of these accessories cover every concern you can think of. What's even better is now they even have the D1 Labs Mini 3 Pro Safety Case which helps to store and protect your drone and its entire ecosystem. There's no doubt I will eventually come around to expanding my equipment then ultimately investing in its protection.

Check out the footage I captured my first time flying. 

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Where can I buy the DJI Mini 3 Pro?

Ready to start reliving your dreams in real life? The DJI Mini 3 Pro and accessories is officially available for purchase from D1 Store, Australia’s first and only DJI Authorised Retailer. Want to grab everything in one go but not sure exactly what accessories you need? Save money and select from our multiple combos available at D1 Store which equip you with all the necessary accessories for your convenience.

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The latest and greatest from D1’s favourite Mini-series, the DJI Mini 3 Pro takes everything you know and love about DJI Mini drones to the next level. The Mini 3 Pro packs an incredible number of features into its small, sub-249 gram form factor1 with tri-direction obstacle sensors and APAS 4.0 for advanced safety, plus, a variety of innovative creative features including FocusTrack and MasterShots.

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