12 Australian Destinations For 12 Weeks Of Summer

Summer is finally here! Grab your summer gear and get out of the house to enjoy the golden stretched out days during, arguably, one of the best times of the year. This year, we’ve compiled a list of 12 summer destinations for you to visit if you’re keen for a local adventure or holidaying down under.

Great Ocean Road, VIC

If you’re located in Melbourne or visiting the Victorian state this summer make sure you head down to the Great Ocean Road to experience the infamous touring route along the south coast of Australia. Featuring a collection of spectacular sites including sea cliff lookouts, waterfalls and protected beaches, you can surf, swim, hike or simply admire the scenery from afar.

Mornington Peninsula, VIC

On the other side of Melbourne, we have the Mornington Peninsula where plentiful summer activities lie as well. Dive the cool waters with the dolphins and seals or explore their local beaches and rock pools in Sorrento or Rye. Snorkeling and scuba diving are also available giving you the endless opportunities to have fun in the sun.

12 Australian Destinations For 12 Weeks Of Summer

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Phillip Island, VIC

Not too far away from Mornington Peninsula is Phillip Island, Victoria's sweet little island sanctuary. Here, summer is the perfect time to explore over 10 different beaches by foot or by chopper and perhaps catch the penguin parade during one of the warm summer nights.

Bondi Beach, NSW

In New South Wales, when you think of summer,  of course you’d think of Bondi beach. One of the most popular summer destinations for locals and vacationers, this is a site you must visit to classify your summer as a true Aussie summer. You can bake in the sun like the thousands of others who make their way down to this beach each summer or swim in the popular Bondi Icebergs. 

Byron Bay, NSW

If the city is too busy for you Byron Bay is a gorgeous coastal town far-north of NSW and close to Brisbane that offers never ending summer activities. Whale watch, scuba dive, snorkel, surf, kayak, sky dive and more this summer when you take on Byron Bay in summer.

Now let’s look at the GOATed summer destinations in Australia. Not to say any other destination isn't amazing but the Queensland state is just known to be Australia’s superior summer vacay destination.

Great Barrier Reef, QLD

The infamous Great Barrier Reef is a no brainer when travelling up to the Northern tip of Australia. A destination so valuable it was declared a World heritage Area in 1981. While the summer seasons see more tropical downpour, there are still plenty of pros when going in this season. While you can still explore the underwater coral reef system stretching over 2,900 reefs and 900 islands, the tropical season means you have higher chances of witnessing natural phenomenon of coral spawning or turtle hatching. Located in the same area you also have the Whitsunday Islands hosting pearly white sand beaches contrasting against pristine turquoise waters for those who would rather bask in the summer sun.

Noosa, QLD

Not too far from the Sunshine coast, Noosa is a resort area known for its beaches and surfers. Here you can engage in sports such as kayaking with dolphins, horse riding or even learning how to surf. Of course, there are an abundance of beaches within the area as well for you to relax in and take in the beautiful scenery.

12 Australian Destinations For 12 Weeks Of Summer

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Karijini National Park, WA

In Western Australia, Karijini National Park should be on the top of your list to visit in summer. Known for its gorges of ancient rock formations and crystal-clear waterholes, this destination is the perfect place to visit for a secluded cooling off.

Rottnest Island, WA

Rottnest Island is another extraordinary destination for summer in the west. Enjoy the sunshine and segway or bike around the car-free coastal island or snorkel your way through shipwrecks and schools of tropical fish surrounding the island.

12 Australian Destinations For 12 Weeks Of Summer

Broome, WA

Ride a camel in Broome or take a boat tour with friends to get out on the water. If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous,a variety of water sports are available as well giving you the option to do what you love the most during the warmest time of the year.

Kangaroo Island, SA

In South Australia, summer is best experienced on Kangaroo Island. Swim in the best beaches, see the abundance of wildlife and immerse yourself in the breathtaking untamed landscapes of the region.

Litchfield National Park, NT

Unlike the rest of the Australian states, the top end, Northern Territory experiences its wet season during the months of December to February. If you'd rather enjoy cooler weather, immerse yourself in a tropical summer and head to Litchfield National Park to catch the epic waterfalls at its peak volume or take a cool dip in the clear pools at the base of each waterfall.

12 Australian Destinations for 12 Weeks Of Summer

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